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There have been stories of celebrities like Jaden Smith, Serena Williams who have gotten sick after going vegan. Health professionals have said that you can become ill after going on a number of specific diets like keto or vegan. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with celebrity vegan nutritionist Afya Ibomu.

Ibomu believes that a lot of the people who get sick after trying a new diet do because, “they haven’t done the research,” and because of this “they don’t have the knowledge” to make a healthy transition. Often times people they just give up meat or whatever else so they aren’t getting the nutrients that they need.

Ibomu has been vegan for 23 years and plant based for 29 years. Although it’s a common belief that you have to take supplements to maintain your health, but she doesn’t take any because she believes she doesn’t need them. One supplement that people commonly take is vitamin B12, but she says you can get it from fortified foods like cereal, non dairy milk or nutritional yeast. Seafood veggies like sea moss are “very high in multi nutrients as well as calcium,” so she recommends working them into your diet several times a week.

For more information, pick up Ibomu’s book, The Vegan Soul food guide to The Galaxy.