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A$AP Rocky chops it up with Angie Martinez this week on her WE TV series, “Untold Stories of Hip-Hop,” and he opens up about his sex obsession.

In the teaser uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday (Oct. 16), Rocky admits he’s been a sex addict “for some time.”

When Angie asks the Harlem rapper if he’s capable of being in a monogamous relationship, he responds: “Yes, of course [I’m capable] … you win some [relationships] and you lose some. If I won, I’m gonna tell you I won. If I lost, Imma tell you I lost. That’s life, you feel me?” Rocky said.

To Angie’s surprise, he then says: “I was always a sex addict.” Rocky traces his obsession back to when the was in junior high. Commenting on the stigma that came along with it, he states: “These are things people stay away from. They don’t like to admit it. But I can’t be embarrassed about it. I put my heart on my sleeve.”

Watch the clip above.

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