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The ladies of The Real had a few things to get off of their chest during Wednesday’s live taping of the show. It was all about Tamar Braxton‘s firing from the talk show and the aftermath of it. The women sounded off for the first time on their show about it after Tamar appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” earlier this morning. While visiting Wendy, Tamar, decked out in Spanx by the way, talked about why it was in her best interest to have been removed from the show.

Wendy asked Tamar if she would ever go back to join her former co-hosts, saying, “Cute show but they need you, and you were done dirty.”

Tamar said if she hadn’t been fired from The Realshe wouldn’t be the woman she is now.

“Here’s the thing. I don’t want to be anybody’s marketing tool this season. No shade, but I just wish everybody well,” she said. “I just feel like sometimes God has to move you out of situations before you become more toxic to yourself. What if I was in a situation where I was doing the Braxtons and it’s very stressful and then I’m doing this other show where people are being catty behind my back. What kind of person would I be right now sitting on this couch? I wouldn’t be focused. I wouldn’t be ready for my transformation. I wouldn’t be ready for my elevation, and that’s why I got to go, I got to be on the up and up and up.”

Starts about 11:30:

Well, the ladies found out about what Tamar said and decided to clear their name of having anything to do with her axing or being “catty” behind her back during her time on the show. Loni Love led the ladies in speaking out, attempting to call Wendy out for her comments.



“First of all, thank you for calling us a ‘cute show.’ We’re also an Emmy winning show,” she said as the audience applauded. “Tamar Braxton was your guest and we appreciate the fact that you brought us up. I just want to be full disclosure. It’s been three years, I don’t know why you guys keep talking about this whole situation.”

Loni went onto say that in the past she reached out to Tamar on her own, calling and texting her to no response, so she put the invitation out there for the singer to come back to share her story.

“The show has reached out to her. Tamar, nobody’s trying to use you as a marketing tool, sweetie,” she continued. “You apologized to us over the summer and we just thought, to close the circle, like what Wendy did yesterday with NeNe, to mend fences, that was the intention. That is it. You are still welcome, my dear.”

“We as Black women have to stick together,” she added. “We as women have to stick together. Okay? It’s no cattiness, it’s just we need to have you come here so we can close the circle. You apologized, we opened it up to you, and it’s still there and it will always be there.”

Adrienne Houghton also said that she didn’t understand the flack people gave them for not leaving the show behind when Tamar was fired, saying if she were the one let go, she wouldn’t expect that from any of the co-hosts, family or anyone she might work with.

“If I got fired, I know that I know that I know that my sister would probably want to be like, ‘Well do we get up, do we leave, do I leave, too?’ You know what I would tell my sister? You work too hard. Sit your butt down and I’ll tell you what not to do later on and you keep it pushing, and you guys kill it,” she said. “We had nothing to do with that.”

Tamera Mowry-Housley also called the stories people have run with about them being involved in Tamar’s firing “unfair.”

“The fact is, we had no idea. There was no ill intention. There was no meeting. There was none of that,” she said. “Anybody that doesn’t want to believe that, that’s on you.”

Tamar was initially cut from the co-hosting table in 2016. And while Loni wondered why people were still talking about Tamar and The Real, just in August, she did indeed tag Tamar in a tweet as someone she wanted to see on Season 6 of the talk show.

Loni has always maintained that they all had nothing to do with The Real’s decision to fire Tamar.

“It wasn’t like they had a meeting, we tip-toed to the office. We don’t have that type of power,” she told The Breakfast Club in 2018. “We got no power.”

However, Tamar says Loni was behind her exit and she provided the “proof” on Instagram.

Sigh. It seems like everyone’s making money these days, so where’s the beef?

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