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If you’re a fan of medical dramas you’ll love NBC’s New Amsterdam. One of the stars of the show Jocko Sims, breaks down the backstory of the show. The hospital that the show takes place at, New Amsterdam, is based on Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City, “the oldest public hospital in America.”

The show tells stories based on Dr. Eric Manheimer’s book, he worked at Bellevue for 15 years as it’s medical chief.

Sims plays Dr. Floyd Reynolds, the head Cardiologist. This role is a dream come true for him because he’s staring in a major show and he get to play a doctor. He shared with the TJMS crew that he actually wanted to be a Doctor when he was in high school. But, he realized that he didn’t want to be in school for 12 more years.

The last season of New Amsterdam “ended with a big cliff hanger,” he says. And on Tuesday night on NBC fans will finally find out wich of the main characters died!