A Georgia woman has come forward about an alleged rape that occurred four years ago at House of Hope Atlanta, and she claims officials at the mega church have been trying to cover it up.

The woman, identified only as Octavia, said someone even left a threatening letter in her mailbox that read: “Octavia Stop NOW or Else 83019,’” according to Cobb County police officer C.B. Neill.

The threat was reportedly left after she was interviewed by popular online media personality Larry Reid about the alleged sexual assault, per The Christian Post. Octavia told Reid she was drugged and raped and the church is trying to silence her in an effort to cover up the alleged crime.

“I have a confession and the details of what happened but they covered it up,” Reid told CP. “There was a rape that occurred … drugged and raped.”

Officer Neill believes the threatening message was meant to keep Octavia silent.

“[Redacted] believed this to be a threat in reference to her speaking to a blogger named Larry Reed (sic) about a rape that occurred four years ago being covered up by the organization House of Hope Atlanta,” the report said.

“Reed posted the interview on his blog located on the Patreon.com website even after [redacted] told Reed she did not give consent for the interview to be shared,” it continued.

Octavia claims she was raped by a then staff member inside a home the church had helped her secure.

“Since the interview and according to [redacted], lawyers employed by House of Hope Atlanta have now attempted litigation against Reed (sic) and [redacted] believes the note left in her mailbox is from someone within this organization who did not want [redacted] interview made public. They are now threatening [redacted] via this note in hopes to silence her,” Neill wrote.

According to Neill, the alleged victim requested an investigation “to determine where the note came from and to attempt to stop further harassing communications and threats from this organization.”

In a text message to Reid, Octavia allegedly stated “they made their point,” after she was threatened and now she won’t talk about incident anymore, the report states.

“I know how much bigger this all is but I’m not emotionally strong enough to keep it going. They made their point,” she wrote. “My mom is BEGGING me to let it go. I appreciate you bringing the light. There will be others I’m sure. I’m passing the torch.”

Meanwhile, Reid stopped reporting on the story last year after he entered into a confidential “consultant agreement” with Pastor E. Dewey Smith Jr. for $10,000. Smith leads the 15,000-member church, and Reid previously accused him of fathering a child out of wedlock.

Read the rest of the alarming story at The Christian Post.

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