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It had been reported that Janet Jackson was surrounded by cops and bodyguards as she departed a Popeye’s store after experiencing their now much-in-demand chicken sandwich, but she has yet to share her review about the sandwich.

Only problem is … IT DID NOT HAPPEN. We now know this because Janet’s publicist, Paula Witt, hipped us to that fact.  She says it was a joke someone on the internet made.

“This video is from 2018 and Janet was coming out of the subway to take part in Harlem week. If you look closely you will see everyone coming up the steps and those green railings are from the NYC subway.”

OK, now you know the real deal.

But since we’re talking about Popeyes, Jermaine Dupri and rap mogul T.I., have weighed in on the Chicken Sandwich debate, noting that baseball legend Hank Aaron, who resides in Southwest Atlanta, owns 27 Popeyes restaurant franchises, and Mack Wilbourn, who is a person of color, owns the #1 and #2 Popeyes franchises in the world, per

“Just in case you didn’t know #Atlanta you ARE supporting Black Business when you get that Spicy Chicken Sandwich from @PopeyesChicken,” read a meme reposted by JD and T.I.

Their comments come after several Black Twitter users accused Popeyes of co-opting Black culture to sell chicken.

Meanwhile, veteran journalist Gayle King said she hit up 15 Popeyes locations and still couldn’t get her hands on one of their coveted chicken sandwiches.

King and her nephew Cameron Harrison were ready to dive in to the crispy goodness on Sunday, PEOPLE reports, but were left disappointed when the location they visited were sold out.

“We are SO psyched today nephew @cameronharrison6 ready to taste THEEE CHICKEN sandwich @popeyeslouisianakitchen,” King wrote on an Instagram selfie of the pair outside a Popeyes location in New York.

Another photo shows a sign revealing the location was sold out. “… Be Back Soon,” reads the sign. “We apologize that this location is out of Chicken Sandwiches.”

“Whomp whomp,” added King.

They proceeded to call 15  Popeyes restaurants in advance instead visiting each spot — but all were out of the popular sandwich.

“We also called FIFTEEN locations how do you run out of that sandwich on SUNDAY???!!!! May need therapy to recover,” said King.

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