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From the producers of “Get Out,” comes another Black thriller called “Don’t Let Go.” One of Sybil’s favorite actors, David Oyelowo, plays a Detective in the film who has a special relationship with his niece Ashley, played by storm Reid.

When the film first came to him he knew that Ashley had to be played by a talented young actress. The first time he met Reid on the set of “A Wrinkle In Time,” he says he was “so impressed with how she handled herself, her emotional intelligence…just her pure talent,” so he knew she would be great in this role. And he says she was.

“Don’t Let Go” is “a thriller, its a who done it , its a time travel movie” he says. His character is shattered when his niece is murdered, along with his brother and sister in law. But, after their deaths he gets an odd phone call. Some how time split and his niece was calling him from two weeks before her murder.

“Don’t Let Go” hits theaters Friday.