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Los Angeles-based civil rights activist Najee Ali, CEO of Project Islamic Hope, who created the successful petition with over half a million signatures calling for L.A. City Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson to name the intersection of Crenshaw and Slauson Nipsey Hussle Square is now calling for L.A.County District Attorney Jackie Lacey to withdraw the immunity deal she granted to the female getaway driver in the murder of Nipsey Hussle.

The getaway driver who is also the girlfriend of Eric Holder who is currently standing trial for allegedly killing Hussle should never have been granted immunity by Lacey’s office.  I have a witness who is now willing to come forward and meet with Lacey and the LAPD detectives with information the getaway driver knew Holder had planned on killing an innocent person and she helped him hideout.

The witness contacted me and showed me copies of documents belonging to the getaway driver. The witness also indicated they were privy to a recent phone conversation where the getaway driver who’s currently pregnant with Holder’s child admitted in the conversation she knew Holder had planned on killing an innocent person but refused to let Holder shoot from her car instead she waited in the alley and then drove Holder from the Marathon store after he had shot and killed Nipsey.

Holder also shot two other men who testified to the grand jury Holder shot them and Nipsey. There’s also the video of Holder killing Nipsey. So why would Lacey grant immunity to someone complicit in someone’s murder?

According to the grand Jury court documents, Holder went into the burger joint to get food and she then saw him walk over to Nipsey. Holder was speaking to Nipsey and his crew for several minutes while she waited to take a selfie with him.

The getaway driver known as Witness 1 claims she saw Nipsey wave off Holder as if he didn’t want to speak with him … but not before accusing Holder of being a snitch. She also claimed to the grand jury to have overheard Holder ask Nipsey if he ever snitched. She says Holder left the conversation and got his food from the restaurant … then they both got into the car.

The woman says Holder then instructed her to drive around the corner from the mall, and then she saw him pull out a black, semi-automatic handgun. He pulled back the slide and then asked her to go around the block so he could do a drive-by shooting.

This is part of the testimony the getaway driver delivered to the grand jury.  So with her own testimony the videotape evidence and the testimony  of the two other victims  Holder shot  as he killed Nipsey, for Lacey to grant the getaway driver immunity is spitting in the face of Nipsey’s family and our community who demands not partial justice but total justice for Nipsey and bring to justice everyone responsible for Nipsey’s murder, ” stated Najee Ali in a statement.

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