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On January 3, 2019 The Tom Joyner Morning Show officially turned 25!

The past 25 years have been incredible and the listeners have gotten to witness and play a huge role in the success of the TJMS. But, there may be some things that listeners don’t know. Like the big question, how did Tom and Sybil meet? Sybil breaks it down from the beginning.


29 thoughts on “Sybil Tells The Story Of How The TJMS Came To Be [WATCH]

  1. McKinley E. Marshall on said:

    The TJMS brought professional respect to Black America. I have always said that Tom Joyner was a Professional disc jocky and the other guy was just a comedian. May God Bless Tom & Sybil in whatever the future may bring your way. Well Done!!

  2. We miss Tom Joyner morning show.
    It woke me up in the mornings.
    Laughing, educated and everyone
    who was even a part of the
    show. I looked forward to
    hear the show everyday.
    Blessings for 25 years.

  3. Karen Salley on said:

    I am so said and disappointed that I was not able to listen to the TJMS anymore. Things wont be the same. I miss you guys so much.

  4. LORI HENDERSON on said:

    I live inHammond, it is between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. I was shocked when I turned on the radio. I could not get Tom Joyner’s morning show. I have been listening every since I graduated from high school. What are we going to do with out Tom or Sybil? How can we listen to your show.

    • Patrice on said:

      I was just as disappointed this morning. Why weren’t we told it would not be airing anymore. I will not be listening to 106.5!!!!!!!!

  5. Marvin d Johnson on said:

    i know we miss you in kansas city i been listen to tom many many years there will another tjms much love to tjms and the staff

  6. Vicki L. Hill on said:

    We have LOST THE TJMS IN MEMPHIS ON V101. I have listened for so many years. I thought we had until the end of the year. It is going to be hard to get all the important news that we need to hear. At least we have the app. I really miss you all

  7. Kathleen Nixon on said:

    I was shocked to turn on the radio a couple days ago and find out that the TJMS would no longer be on in Charleston, SC. I started listening to this show back in 1995 when I had a 52 mile commute to work. I survived the afternoon, but this show got me through the morning. Now I work from home and I listen to the radio in the mornings. I thought you were going to be on through December 2019!! Can I stream the show on the app??

  8. jeanette coffin on said:

    I listen to the TJMS every morning what am I gonna listen to now when you leave 😦 so sad..Love all you guys..SMOOCHES! xoxoxox JayC

  9. Andrea Ross on said:

    No I dont know who this new people are on 160.5 in baton rouge area but I am not feeling them. It’s just feels blah without hearing ya in the morning. I need my morning laugh miss Guy Sherri and Sybil and Kim And of course Tom. It’s is sad in the morning and is not the same. I miss ya dearly 😔

  10. Shawn Keyes on said:

    When I went back to work on 2 of January I was expecting to hear the TJMS and you did come on 107.3 in Charleston SC I was confused but I had start listening 25 years ago in New Bern NC on WIKS kiss 102 and you have brought Joy to me and I always wanted to go on a Tom Joyner cruise but I would alway have to work. You have been a great asset to our community Sybil please take over you were a great asset to all of us I am already missing you now

  11. Tom!
    please do not leave us like this, let’s sybil take over the morning show and continue blessing our community, the whole USA will be lost without your programming especially places like oklahoma that don’t have many options, we love you!!!❤️
    Please hear what I’m saying
    ( think about it)

  12. TINA JACKSON on said:

    It’s only been one whole day without the TJMS and I going through withdrawals. I wish you all well in your careers. You brought me a lifetime of memories listening to you on Kixie 107.5

  13. Lillian Cheers on said:

    This was an amazing journey for everyone to witness. I laughed at how I would get mad when I missed the show. I wish everyone peace, good health and jobs for everyone continuing to work!! We will never have anything like TJMS.
    Blessings to everyone.♥️

  14. Lisa Gilliam Harris on said:

    I’m going to miss TJMS! The show made my work day enjoyable. I love how we all kept informed on all current events.

  15. Rosie Honer on said:

    I miss the TJMS on 107.5 FM. I don’t think I can get used to another show. Your show was informative as well as comical. Now, for me, the radio is just on – nothing interesting!!

  16. janice on said:

    I was surprise on Wednesday, January 2 when another show was on KIXIE 107.5, I’m going to have to find another way to listen to the show. I will miss TJMS, wishing you all the best.

  17. Shimeka Robinson on said:

    I truly enjoyed listening every Morning to the show, all the laughs from you guys. I’m truly going to miss yours and Tom voice, ya’ll kept us informed on so many issues. Was in total shock yesterday when a new show has taken over kiss 103.1. Nothing but the best of luck to you hope!!!!

  18. Cynthia Jordan on said:

    I listened to this, this morning on the way to work. I enjoyed it immensely. I remember all the old programs TJMS used to run. Tom, you will be greatly missed when you retire.

    • Franklin Kinney on said:

      I really miss u guys in the AM,my radio is stuck on 102.3. I’m still getting use to Russ Parr but ain’t nothing like TJMS, always something going on ,news,sports, whatever it was I got it from y’all. Being on that AM station in the morning sucks, it’s not clear and going under the smallest bridge is a lot of static.I hope all is well and wish y’all could come back to 102.3

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