A North Texas woman is speaking out about how her sister intentionally ran her over and tried to kill her in a disturbing act of sibling rivalry.

A month after the incident occurred, Kisha Johnson is now home and recovering from her extensive injuries, WFAA.com reports.

“She knew exactly what she was doing,” Johnson said of her younger sister, Savvy Smith. “I think she was trying to kill me.”

Smith has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She was arrested and released on bond, and Johnson wants to see her sister face justice.

“I forgive her,” Johnson said. “But I will never, ever have a relationship with her ever again in life. I just can’t.”

According to WFAA, Johnson’s sustained the injuries on May 30, when she and Smith were both at their mother’s home in Fort Worth. According to their mother, Darlene Brown, Savvy is jealous of her older sister and became agitated as Johnson was telling her mom about her academic accomplishments in her pursuit to become a registered nurse.

“She took an object from the table and threw it at me,” Johnson said of her sister.

The object struck Johnson in the eye, and when she threatened to call the police, Smith fled the house to get in her Ford Explorer and Johnson followed to take note of the license plate.

“So I went to the back [of the vehicle] to take it, and my head is down, and I’m not thinking this girl is going to run me over,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s mother and neighbors witnessed the moment Savvy repeatedly ran over her sister.

“I saw Savvy pull up, back up, pull up, and then back up again,” Brown said.

“She was just dragging me back and forth, back and forth,” Johnson recalled.  “I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I was on fire literally.”

Johnson said her sister drove off, leaving her bleeding in the street. She has not called to check on her or apologize.

Now, Johnson continues to rack up medical bills and her studies to become a registered nurse have been out on hold, as the injuries have changed her life. She suffered multiple broken ribs, a broken collar bone and a broken pelvis.

Her family started a GoFundMe page to help pay for the massive medial bills.

“You pay for what you do to others,” Johnson said. “She needs to pay for what she did to me.”

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