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Ray J has announced his latest business venture is taking on the cannabis industry, as the singer has reportedly invested $5 million in William Ray LA, a new recreational cannabis business.

While the company has been in the works for a year, High Times reports that it will finally become official this week, as Ray J revealed to his followers on Instagram. According to the outlet, William Ray LA has “an indoor grow facility, an expert team, and plans to launch with self-branded preroll joints that will come in either indica or sativa varieties.”

via  TMZ:

Our Ray J sources tell TMZ … he’s already poured in $5,000,000 to fire up a cannabis company in Cali, and the first rollout will feature pre-rolled joints, dubbed, “Ray Jay’s.”

As you see in the video, Ray J ain’t playing around when it comes to his plants … he’s already got a greenhouse stocked with rows and rows of dank, and the flowers look like the stickiest of the icky!!!

The company is called MADDVIBES, and Ray J’s assembling a top-notch gang of ganja experts specializing in growing, branding and marketing herb … and he’s going to put his stamp on the biz with his own personal knowledge and expertise. See, smoking pot has tons of benefits!!!!

Ray J’s manager told TMZ that his new cannabis company will focus on alternative marketing strategies in media, music and entertainment.

In a video posted online Monday, the businessman said he was “honored and happy” to be involved with California’s lucrative cannabis industry.

via High Times:

Ray J is branding indica strains OG and the sativa strains LP. Both strains will be available in glass jar and pre-roll varieties. Marketing materials emphasize the “earthly, pungent, lemon aromas” of the indica pre-rolls and the “uplifting, citrus, fruity” experience of the sativa pre-rolls.

In a recent Instagram post, Ray J thanked his team in Kentucky, Arizona, California and Las Vegas — possible locations for where he may next launch William Ray LA.

“Been working on deal for a year now!! Stayed up for days at a time getting work done!” Ray J said on Instagram. “We’ve worked hard to get to this point! Now let’s go get these MMMMs!”

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