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The Smollett family is full of talent! Now two of the Smollett siblings are bringing their talents to Cleo TV with Living By Design With Jake And Jazz. In the show, Jake and Jazz create simple solutions to everyday design dilemmas for aspiring millennial families.

Jazz says the show is about helping people live their “best life” in the space that they live in. She is the design and dessert expert, and Jake is the building and meal expert.

Most siblings have sibling rivalry but Jake and Jazz don’t really have a rivalry. Jake says they work well together as a team, “Jazz takes the lead in the design and I build the piece that she needs,” he explains.

The six Smollett siblings are a close knit group, which is partly why Jussie is doing okay in spite of his legal issues in Chicago. Jazz calls his alleged attack and legal woes and “insane ordeal” that Jussie is working though. She says, “he’s got a lot of faith,” and they’ll get through this difficult time as a family.

You can catch Living By Design With Jake And Jazz on Cleo TV.