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On April 23 police in Florida arrested 66-year-old Richard Marcelle, a Board member of The Village community HOA, after he reportedly fired a gun to threaten three teens at community pool.

A report was filed by one of the victims’ mothers, a homeowner in The Village. According to the filed report, her son, Julian Johnson, is 18 years old, a resident of the subdivision, and is therefore legally allowed to be at the pool. Julian and two friends went to the pool around 9 p.m., and were confronted by Marcelle while swimming.

According to reports, the HOA board had in fact voted to change the pool’s  hours just a few days before the incident. But the rule had not been officially instated.

A small verbal argument then took place between the victims and Marcelle. But, the three teens decided continue swimming and to follow the posted official signs.

Marcelle then stormed back to the pool area with “a small black revolver style handgun”. That’s when he reported fired a shot into the soil off to the side of where the three teens were.

“Did you really just shoot a gun?” one teen asked according to the report, to which Marcelle replied “yes, I am putting my own life at risk.”

The victims fled, as Marcelle followed them to their car. After writing down Marcelle’s license plate number, the teens left the area and told their parents who helped them file police reports.

Once police began investigating and reviewing security footage, they noticed that Marcelle initially arrived at  the pool clubhouse “in a truck with no vehicle lights on, in what appeared to be an attempt to not be noticed”. And despite Marcelle claiming it was he himself who was putting his own life at risk, police noted he’s “seen on video maintaining an aggressive stance while standing in front of the victims,” loaded gun in hand. It was also noted by police that “the victims made no aggressive or violent advancements, postures or gestures towards Marcelle” seen on camera.

11 thoughts on “Man Shoots At Teens While At Community Pool

  1. Passing Through!! on said:

    I guarantee you had he killed on of these boys the media would have tried to spin this story and blame the kids. He should be thrown under jail. A fine recruit for the police department.

  2. Marian Turner on said:

    To Butter Pecan: What made these young men “thugs”, “you”. Unless you know them they are young men and they have rights.

  3. Ted Gravely on said:

    Obey or I’ll get my gun and kill you. These old white racists born during Jim Crow and the passage of Civil Rights legislation hate when you tell them to kick rocks or f you. This was almost another name it – Trayvon, ect. Kids just minding their business and approached by a racist. I don’t blame those boys – these white devils lie so easily, that you can’t take their word. He couldn’t leave it alone and wait until tomorrow, naw this old racist fool had to make them, “obey.!” He should be a felon without a gun for the rest of his miserable existence.

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