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Bishop TD Jakes

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In 2005, Bishop T.D. Jakes founded T.O.R.I. (Texas Offenders Reentry Initiative), which gives citizens that come out of prison a second chance at life by providing them with ways to push through the barriers they face upon being released. According to Christian Post, Sen. Tim Scott delivered a message at Potter’s House praising the work Jakes has been doing.

He said, “You see nationwide on the federal level, the recidivism rate, the percentage of people who get out [of prison] and go back in is 77 percent in five years. Let me say that a little slower. More than three out of four people who get out come back in, in just five years. But T.O.R.I., it tells a different story. T.O.R.I.’s number is 11 percent. Not 30, not 40, not 50, but 11 percent. That’s unheard of.”

Statistics state that within three years of being released from prison about 67.8 percent were rearrested. For the 23,000 graduates from the T.O.R.I. program this isn’t a reality.

Scott continued on by saying, “Y’all don’t know how special this is. Bishop Jakes, the first lady and the Potter’s House have created a program that has brought the entire state together. To produce results that are the envy of other states. This is a national model. This ain’t playing church this is doing church.

And doing church means walking out the doors and letting the people of God, the church, get to work. Bishop alluded to this earlier but he didn’t put the meat on the bones when he said, this program, the T.O.R.I. program, reduces recidivism. What he is saying is that there is a way to make our communities safer by doing criminal justice reform.”

Check out Sen. Tim Scott’s speech below.

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