LSU running back Tae Provens has been accused of raping a “blacked out” victim at an LSU apartment on March 24. According to he was booked on a third-degree rape charge Wednesday.

According to reports, the victim said she and a friend went to Provens’ apartment at 3 a.m. on the morning of March 24 when she asked to use his bathroom. Provens directed her toward the bathroom in his bedroom and followed her into the room.

She told police that her memory is hazy but she remembers Provens following her into the bathroom, her shirt coming off and her attempting to hold onto her underwear as it was taken off, the report said.

According to the victim Provens went behind her and sexually assaulted her. She said she tried to tell him, “no, no, no,” but he paused and continued, according to reports.


Provens entered the NCAA transfer portal, which allows players to seek a transfer without teams needing to request permission from the player’s current school,on March 21. He hasn’t practiced since.

LSU spokesperson Ernie Ballard confirmed the arrest and booking and said:

“We take any and all allegations like these seriously, and currently, this is a law enforcement investigation. Once the law enforcement component is completed, the Office of Student Advocacy & Accountability and the Title IX office will conduct their investigation as well. Provens entered the NCAA transfer portal on March 21, and since that time, he has not participated in team activities. At LSU, we’re committed to ending sexual violence and maintaining a community of respect, and an alleged incident like this goes against everything we stand for within our community. Our thoughts go out to the victim in this incident and every resource available through the university is being offered through the LSU CARE Team.”

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