The Connecticut woman who lost her job after her racist tirade in a supermarket was caught on a video, has spoken out about the viral moment and she blames the Black man for the slurs she hurled at him.

As previously reported, Corrine Terrone was swiftly fired from her job as a clerk with Hamden schools after the Friday night incident was shared across social media. Police also released the 911 call she made during the incident, reported WTIC-TV.

The video shows an unhinged Terrone verbally assaulting a Black man who was recording her racially-charged rant. But she blames him for her despicable outburst because she said he swore at her.

“I was walking down the center aisle in front of the cash register,” Terrone told police, “and I turned around to my daughters, and I said, “Oh, Jesus Christ.’ The man, in his little scooter, said, ‘Are you talking to me, (expletive)?’ And I said ‘no (N-word), I’m not.’”

She then dared him to get physical with her, and chased after him when he walked away. She also claims they both spat at each other during the confrontation.

“I’m not going to sugarcoat what I said,” she told police, who have confirmed that no complaint had been filed against Terrone. Authorities are asking the man involved to come forward and assist the investigation.

“We’ve done everything we can up to being able to charge her with a crime,” said East Haven Police Lt. Joseph Murgo. “We have everything we need, just the victims to charge her with something.”

Murgo said Terrone could be charged with disturbing the peace or assault because the footage only shows her spitting at the man and his female companion.

“The video sums it up,” Murgo said. “We know what happened.”

The state Department of Children and Families is also investigating the incident because Terrone unleashed her racist fury in front of her two daughters.

“We don’t know what’s going on, but that message may be getting relayed to the children and we’re mandated reporters,” Murgo said.

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