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The D.L. Hughley Show nightly TV series is officially in full swing on TV One.

The one-hour long show premiered March 18 at 11/10c to an audience excited to see one of their favorite comedians on TV. Even actress Melba Moore enjoyed the show, writing on Instagram, “Everything you’ve said is on point🔥 Congratulations 🎉 Love from the real Melba Moore💜.”

Hughley was joined by co-host Jasmine Sanders; as well as, his daughter Tyler Hughley, producer Skip Cheatham, engineer Kia Rene, and comedian Jay Phillips for a round table discussion where no topic was off-limits.

The group had real conversations about gentrification; the woman who jumped into the jaguar cage; white privilege; and as you in the clip above, Samuel L. Jackson’s disdain for Trump.

If you’re not a listener of his popular nationally syndicated show, this show provides the insight you’ve been missing daily on the air waves for the last four years. Luckily for all of us, now you can get your dose of D.L. each weeknight on TV One.

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