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Gucci Mane‘s got a baby mama that’s not happy with him coming up short in the payment department and wants him thrown in jail.

Sheena Evans is her name and according to court documents, she’s claiming the rapper was ordered to pay $2,495 to cover her attorney’s fees but, so far he hasn’t done jack.

She says this is an “outrageous and egregious” and it’s “another willful disregard for this Court’s authority.”

“Not only has the Respondent demonstrated that he has no concern for the authority of this Court,” Evans’ attorney writes, “or for the deadlines set by this Court, Respondent has also exhibited an alarming disregard of the consequences of his contemptuous behavior. He could care less.”

The lawsuit also pints out that Gucci Mane has also not turned over documents to her as part of their ongoing child support battle.

Evans wants the court to immediately issue an arrest order and lock him up until he “purges himself of his contempt.”

That’s an interesting way to put it. She also wants the court to sanction him $1,000. So far, there’s been no ruling from the judge.

In related news, Evans sued Gucci Mane to increase the child support for their son Keitheon (who is 13-years old) from $2,076 a month to $20k. She claimed there was a significant increase in Gucci’s income since he left prison in 2011, pointing to his alleged $1 million wedding.

In response the Mane man asked  the court cancel her request and throw out the entire lawsuit. The said said there was no substantial change in his finances since their original 2011 agreement. He also denied dropping $1 million on his recent wedding to Keyshia Ka’Oir.

As far as tyhe 2011 arrangement, according to The Blast, the two had reached an agreement on custody and support over their son. Sheena was awarded primary physical custody with Gucci getting visitation. His monthly income was $24,000 of which he was ordered to fork over $2,026 a month in child support.