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The Jackson family has been publicly denying the allegations of sexual abuse against Michael Jackson for years. With the recent release of the HBO “Leaving Neverland” documentary they’ve been even more vocal and diligent about protecting MJ’s legacy.

Taj and Brandi Jackson, Michael’s niece and nephew, tell the Tom Joyner Morning Show crew that the documentary is nothing but lies.

Taj says the documentary is based on “lies that are pretty much 20 years old.” He calls it “propaganda,” because the film is extremely “one sided,” and urges people to check their facts. “If you can watch a 4 hour documentary you can google and look up these guys,” he says.

Brandi dated one of the accusers, Wade Robson, when they were pre-teens in the 90s, and says it “started off as a young puppy love situation” and lasted about 7 years. Being that she was so close to Robson she says, it was “quite clear” to her when he was lying throughout the documentary. She insists that she could spend “hours tearing that timeline apart.”

According to the Jacksons, the Robson family is known for being untruthful and “opportunists.” They also feel that the interview that Oprah conducted with the accusers was the “ultimate betrayal,” suggesting that she too is an opportunist.

Taj Jackson says he’s working on a documentary to refute the claims against his uncle.

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The ‘Leaving Neverland’ Documentary Left Michael Jackson Fans Polarized
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22 thoughts on “The Jackson Family Feels Betrayed By Oprah After Interview

  1. Doris on said:

    I don’t believe the 2 men. They either lied at the trial or they are lying now. If they had told the truth at the trial, Jackson would maybe have been found guilty and sent to jail. They should be charged with perjury and put on trial.

  2. The family feels betrayed because they WERE betrayed. Oprah is a billionaire with mega success. Yet, she still sells out to cater to the negativity that “mainstream America” likes to hear about black celebs. May MJ Rest In Peace, and may his family keep working towards preserving his legacy.

  3. Doris Lofton on said:

    I am so glad the Michael’s family is speaking out. I refused to watch the Documentary because I knew it was a lie. I was real surprised at Oprah. I am praying for this whole situation.

  4. aintmsbhavn69 on said:

    I pray that as an ABUSED CHILD that OPRAH did not,seat with these TWO LIARS and Defamate Michael Jackson as a SEXUAL CHILD ABUSER…SMDH! These two men came to Michael defense many years ago saying under oath that he Never touched them,now many years later,and the Fact that he has died,and his Estate is worth MILLIONS ,Now they want to say he molested them.This is All about Money,like I say Everyone is looking for a Payday,noone wants to Work anymore.Just Accuse,Get Paid and ruin someone’s LEGACY in the Process..Still SMDH!

  5. Kelli on said:

    What makes them think Oprah owes them anything just because she did an interview. The documentary and surrounding issues aren’t Oprah’s issues but other people’s issues and drama. Plus Oprah doesn’t need them…..they need her (for an interview), and let’s face it most issues surround money. News flash…..Oprah doesn’t need any money…..but take a guess at who probably does need money. Perhaps the Jackson that are questioning the interview???

    • Amber on said:

      The problem is she put these 2 proven liars in from of people who are suppose to be victims. She was wrong. That is the issue. That was irresponsible. See now a lot of the dirt and lies that we have been saying is coming out even conservative radio host are reversing their thoughts and seeing and talking about the lies. When this blow up, what creditabilty will Oprah have? Monique said she was full of it and now it is looking true. Who cares if she has money that does not make her better (heck Donald trump has money). She should have done her homework. These guys even LIED in court in 2014 when suing the Estate until the judge told them their story was unbelievable and much of what they said in the doc was NOT in their “discovery”.

    • Amber on said:

      And YES Oprah does own them. She owes them the right to be FAIR. If this was vice versa and Barbara Walters was sitting with two liars who were lying on Oprah, I doubt anyone would be saying Barbara Walters does not owe Oprah anything.

  6. Robert Lee Gillum on said:

    Oprah is another slave black woman who speaks out of both sides of her mouth. She is an opportunist and she gained fame on Micheal, Whitney, and others. She isn’t a truthful person. She is getting hers like many blacks who have finally come into money. I don’t hate just understand the game.

    • Kelli on said:

      Robert: It sounds as though you don’t know anything about money, nor the game. Duuuuuuuh most wealthy people are opportunist because they take advantage of opportunities. And pleeeeez stop with the slave mentality BS in 2019 it sounds soooooo ridiculous

  7. It’s amazing how we focus on the negative things the press reports. They never reported how Michael Jackson was such a great philanthropist. He built whole wings in hospitals, Walter Reed (military hospital). He did these things,not for the publicity, but because there was a need and he was able to do it. Report that Oprah!

  8. Please Oprah Winfrey is journalist it’s part of what she does. Michael Jackson was the one said he sleep with little boys as black we have the freedoms we fought and died for we are not blind sheep like people would want us to be.

    • Ariahz on said:

      These guys in court admitted they lied. Oprah needs ratings. She said she’d never do reality tv until her money started getting affected.

      You’re absolutely right she’s a journalist. She will post anything for ratings whether true or not.

      • Kelli on said:

        Ariahz: Get a grip on reality. Oprah may need ratings…..but I seriously doubt she needs money. Stop with the conspiracy theories

    • Journalists get both sides and present facts. Oprah is not a journalist. She’s a tabloid trash artist who’s always had it in for Michael. She needs to be put in her place once and for all.

    • Shebe on said:

      Oprah sat at the table with Michael’s parents and sat in Michael’s home. Yes oprah is a journalist; however, MJ is no longer here to defend himself. Furthermore, those losers lied and now they want a platform. IMO. oprah is a two-faced bytch. She even ruined her father’s marriage. oprah’s day will come when she will swing over the gates of Hell on a rusty rope!!

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