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TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — UPS workers at a distribution hub in Ohio sued the company Wednesday, alleging discriminatory hiring decisions and a series of racist acts, including a noose and Confederate flags in the workplace.

White employees in 2016 directed racist language at black workers, displayed a stuffed monkey wearing a UPS uniform, and put up the noose and flags, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday by 19 workers against UPS and five managers.

The lawsuit alleges management at the UPS distribution hub in Maumee “enabled, tolerated, and purposefully promoted and encouraged” a culture of racism at the site that led to racist acts and discriminatory employment decisions.

The lawsuit also says there has been a pattern of discrimination for more than a decade at the facility in suburban Toledo.

UPS said in a statement Thursday that the company responded quickly and fired two employees after the 2016 complaints, and since that time has taken remedial steps in cooperation with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission, including additional training and monitoring.

An attorney for the workers told The Blade in Toledo that black employees have been passed over for promotions in favor of white employees with less training and seniority.

“Uniformly they were treated as second-class employees with less opportunity, less earning opportunities, and forced to be always wondering if they would still have jobs if they had tried to do anything about it,” said attorney Fred Gittes.

UPS said it would not comment further on the lawsuit, “as we are reviewing the claims relative to the original facts revealed in 2016.”

The lawsuit seeks to halt the alleged discrimination, along with damages of more than $25,000.

In a similar lawsuit, workers at General Motors filed a lawsuit last April after they said nooses and racist graffiti were found at a transmission plant in Toledo two years ago. GM has said it has taken several steps to address harassment there.

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2 thoughts on “Black Workers At UPS Hub Say They Were Targets Of Racism

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    It’s wrong if they suffered this foolishness, but it’s weak that they allowed this to continue for 10 years. Ain’t no job worth your dignity. Black people take too much abuse. You would have had me on video asking every racist in that place – “who left their loser traitor confederate flag and monkey doll resembling their wife.” They should have put those fools on their heels. If they get fired, it’s a bigger lawsuit. Instead they suffer the indignity.

    • Michael Middleton on said:

      I agree Ted….we must learn to immediately stand up for ourselves. They should have placed a blue-eyed devil doll in the workplace holding an American flag instead of whining. If we don’t counter these people with something of significant substance, they will continue their hateful practices. A much larger problem we have is getting our financial houses in order. The more we rely upon these folk’s money for survival, the more garbage we will likely endure.

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