Roland Martin: Rich White People Are Stealing College Admissions And Scholarships


Yesterday a story broke about the elite stealing college admissions and scholarships. Dozens of people, including celebrities and coaches have been charged in this scheme.

Roland Martin talks to Attorney Monique Presley who believes that this situation is “the epitome of White privilege.”

Presley says, these parents were “defrauding universities and stealing” scholarships and admissions from people who have earned it. But, then they were lying to the United States government and making their crime work for them.

They had their children pose as athletes, go to therapy and receive fake diagnoses in order to receive special help on the SATs, and more.

“This is an education crime syndicate” Presley says. And for her one of the most frustrating parts of this is that people are comparing this situation to affirmative action. The two have “nothing to do with each-other” she explains. Affirmative action allows the playing field to be leveled by universities for kids of color who have not had opportunities. In this situation the students have had every opportunity to succeed and still couldn’t get into these universities without their parents helping them lie and cheat.


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2 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Rich White People Are Stealing College Admissions And Scholarships

  1. Michael A Hall on said:

    This is not white privilege because middle class and lower income whites can’t do this. Its just privilege of the rich and in some cases famous too. Not that much different from celebrities getting their kids a start in show business just because of who they are regardless of race. Affirmative action does not level the playing field, it puts people on the same playing field regardless of ability.

  2. Michael Middleton on said:

    I just can’t believe this! Privileged and intelligent people cheated their way into and through ivory league colleges. This can’t be true because White privileged people are society’s best and brightest folks in America. How can this be??? My goodness, all this time I thought these were brilliant and sophisticated scholars. DANG, fooled again by the snobs ;(

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