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A riveting trailer for the upcoming Aretha Franklin documentary, Amazing Grace, was released this week and shows the soul songstress in perfect form.

The documentary follows the story leading up to a never before seen 1972 church concert with Franklin as the main act. The Queen of Soul took the stage at the New Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles and literally brought the house to salvation by the looks of things. Franklin who was 29 at the time, was riding high on her solo career, propelled by the effortless of her iconic voice.

“She can sing anything, anything! My sister, Aretha Franklin,” the presenter says as Franklin walks out onto the carpet wearing a glistening white full beaded gown and a tightly coiffed afro.

Franklin’s performance of the popular hymnal was part of a series of recordings on the same day, including “Mary, Don’t You Weep” and “Climbing Higher Mountains.” The songs from the two-night show were compiled into an album and remains the best-selling live gospel album of all time, according to Esquire.

The footage, directed by Directed by Sydney Pollack and compiled by Alan Elliot, will be finally be released after almost 50 years of mounting technical and legal issues.  It first premiered to rave reviews at the DOC NYC festival in 2018, following  Franklin’s death in August.

The movie hits select theaters on April 5, 2019.

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3 thoughts on “Trailer For Aretha Franklin Documentary Will Give You The Chills [VIDEO]

  1. Lola Parks Guerra on said:

    My best friend Classie and I were Aretha biggest fans. We would hitch hike.Back in the day you could do this to go see Aretha all up and down the eastern seacoast. NY NJ Baltimore
    We were never disappointed. The last time I saw Aretha was on NYC. Classie and I went to her concert
    I was trying to find some pictures to post. But I wasn’t successful.

  2. Faustina Taylor on said:

    I bought this album when it was first released in 1972
    This was up for an award in Germany for their version of the Oscars and the producers acknowledged that Aretha wanted them to pay her 5 millions dollars and they refused according to them its been sitting in a vault for 5 years..some HOW now that she’s dead it being released and they won’t have to pay her
    Another classic case of GRAVE ROBBERS

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