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Jarissa Young has reportedly been begging her apartment building to raise the locks on her back door, but the change didn’t happen in time to prevent tragedy.

ABC13 reports, The mother of three who lives in Texas City lost her middle child, 7-year-old Xavion Young, two weeks ago after he wandered from their home and drowned in a pond.

Xavion was autistic and non-verbal.

Young told the station that her son did not have a history of wandering, but she recently noticed he was showing interest in water. That’s why she requested with the Costa Mariposa apartment complex to have her door locks raised or add additional locks.

Young showed ABC13 a message from the company that manages the complex, acknowledging her request back in September.

She says after moving in, she asked the complex a number of times about the lock, each time she says they asked her to wait.

Young, who plans to take legal action, says it’s not about the money, but accountability and continuing to fight for Xavion.

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4 thoughts on “Mom Was Concerned Over Door Locks Before Son’s Drowning

  1. SD This is my POINT EXACTLY!!!! As you said these CHILDREN need MORE ATTENTION because they can get away for you so easily.Yes I do know what it is to PARENT little ones VERY HARD JOB!!!!!! But agin I say there is nothin that beats DILIGENCE!!!!!!SO MOTHERS STAY AWOKE CAUSE THE LIFE YOU SAVE MAY BE YOUR OWN CHILDS!!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

  2. Chas, if you are not a parent you have no idea how quickly a child can get away from you. This mother trying to get management to change the location of the locks was not being negligent – – she was being watchful- that is how she knew the locks needed to be changed. However, I must agree with AAW in that I would have made the necessary change myself and dealt with management on the back end.

  3. AAW THERE IS SOMETHING called KEEPING A WATCHFULL EYE!!!!! You HEAR this so much mothers blaming a accidental death of a CHILD on other THAN THEMSELVES!!!! So many are NEGLIGENT!!! and don”t watch their children as closely as they should especially TODLERS and SPECIAL needs children. COME ON GET A GRIP ON REALITY!!!!!!!! DO YOUR JOB AS THAT OF A WATCHFUL AND CARING MOTHER!!!!!!!! STAY WOKE AND DON”T BE NO CRYING BLAMER!!!!! CAUSE THE LIFE YOU SAVE MAYBE YOUR OWN CHILDS!!!!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. It’s truly sad that this little boy die but his Mom was well aware that the locks being where there they were was a danger. I know she reached out to management but if I knew something was a danger to my child I’m not going to continue to wait for someone else to fix it. I either keep my evidence that I asked the management to fix it and do it myself and deduct it from my rent or MOVE but there’s no way I’d keep my child in an unsafe environment.

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