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Tamar Braxton’s insecurities are on full display inside the Celebrity Big Brother house. The singer was less than thrilled to find out she would be sharing the space with Kandi Burruss. The two had a feud last year during a joint music tour, which they revisited on the premiere episode this week.

The two singers attempted to bury the hatchet by getting into the reasons for their feud. But it all goes horribly wrong. Matter fact, Braxton unleashes her fury on both Kandi and Olympian Lolo Jones, even though all three were supposed to be in an alliance together.

The “Braxton Family Values” star first popped off when when ex-WWE star Natalie Eva Marie asked Lolo for a nickname for their ‘final two’ pact – without realizing Tamar was in the room, per Daily Mail.

Tamar seemed ready to laugh it off when Lolo defended her friend, but the singer replied: “Oh don’t get punched in your throat.”

“Punched in my throat? Girl, I can fly, don’t f***ing play with a f***ing tiger,” Lolo warned. “I don’t f***ing play so don’t talk about punching me in the f***ing throat, that’s not cool.”

“Did we just get serious?” Tamar asked. “Because here’s the thing – I was only joking. I say it all the time.”

“I don’t know you to know that that’s a joke,” replied Lolo. Tamar then joked: “First of all, I’m not gonna fight because I’m not gonna mess up my face,” adding: “I’m not offended y’all got a final-two deal – everybody in this house got a final-two deal and there’s 13,000 people in the house.”

She added: “I thought we was all joking around with each other. I don’t have a reason to punch you in the throat Lolo, I like you a lot.”

Meanwhile, her fight with Kandi came after Tamar accused “The Real Housewives Of Atlanta” star of making “comments about things you didn’t know about and shouldn’t have gotten in between of,” Tamar insisted, referring to their past beef and details about Braxton’s personal life.  “It was horrible for me because I was having troubles in my marriage, I was having issues with my career, things were all over the place. You personally interjected yourself into the situation by talking crazy about me when you should have just said nothing. It was totally and utterly disrespectful and unprofessional. Absolutely.”

“What?? Oh my God!” Kandi replied, laughing because she couldn’t wrap her head around why  Braxton was so pissed off.

“Trying to find out what’s funny because it’s getting a little disrespectful. I’m trying to tell you how I feel and you’re laughing,” Tamar says.

After walking away because she was annoyed by the laughter, Tamar broke down in tears during a confessional.

“This is hilarious to me,” Kandi insisted to camera. “The fact that she is trying to make me this villain in her life is totally ridiculous.”

Watch the dramatic scene for yourself here.

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21 thoughts on “Tamar Braxton Flips Out On Kandi Burruss Inside Celebrity Big Brother House

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  2. I’m sure it’s fake or set up to have viewers tune in is what I think…most shows exaggerate the truth now so only time will tell! Both for some apparent reason feel it necessary to draw attention to themselves…just get them coins yall talk about and hush!

  3. lena green on said:

    Please Tamar get help it is so obvious that you are hurting deep inside. Also rededicate yourself to the God you keep talking about.

  4. Who cares what y’all think you changed the channel alright that incident happened on episode 3 so yeah right I love Tamar and her feeling’s are valid Candy is fake af she messy and talks about everyone even her own messy ass momma that’s where she gets it from and I can’t wait until she gets evicted from Big Brother and the house wives show

  5. Dee Martin on said:

    I’m looking at the comments and I have just one question. Why is it Blacks cannot communicate without profanity and disrespecting each other. Every comment ai have read show why nobody wants us on any shows and then we cry racism. Tamar is acting as ghetto as the comments Im reading. All of you are better than this. Stop living your life through so called celebrities. And try conducting yourselves like real women. Not like trash from the hood.

  6. Let me be clear I don’t watch anything she is on and when I see her face on anything I change the channel I was reading black America web and that’s how I saw this ! So the dumb bit– is you!

  7. She is sicking and does all this stuff for attention because she has no real talent and she hasn’t grown-up yet she still carries herself as a spoiled brat teenager and I wish they stop putting her on tv to act a fool!

    • Phoenix Rising on said:

      And yet you continue to follow EVERY move a black woman makes. That says a lot about you.
      A drama b*tch in the making.

      • Let me be clear I don’t watch anything she is on and when I see her face on anything I change the channel I was reading black America web and that’s how I saw this ! So the dumb bit– is you!

  8. Her dumb ass did a set on the Fantastic boyage cruise in 2018, sound system was fked all the way up. She kept singing and Tom Joyner didn’t even bother to stop the show and get it right.

  9. I can’t stand Tamar, she is such a damn DRAMA Queen.
    Plus, she has NO real talent. She and her sisters are merely riding Toni Braxton’s coattails!!!!!!i

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