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Members at a historic church in southwest Atlanta were shocked after it was vandalized while members were celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day. AJC reports that Pastor Isaiah Waddy of Saint Paul African Methodist mentioned something like this has never happened.

Police were called to the church Monday afternoon after “666” and “pay back” were spray-painted on several windows and walls of the church.

Waddy said, “It was disturbing to me because it was Martin Luther King celebration day.”

He recalls members of the church cleaning up and just feeling somber and sad. Waddy also mentioned that he knows what “666” means, but doesn’t understand why they put “pay back” on the church.

Nevertheless, he put out a statement encouraging whoever was responsible to come back.

He said, “Please come back on Sunday and worship with us. You don’t have to say, ‘I was the one did it,’ just come in.”

Police are still investigating the incident.



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