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Brooklyn-born rapper China Mac, born Raymond Yu, recently shared his views on the usage of n-word on the Flip Da Script Podcast with comedian QueenzFlip and Dj Gmoney.

The 30-minute show was uploaded on YouTube on December 31, during which host QueenzFlip explained why the racial slur should only be reserved for use by Black folks.

“Me, I feel that a person that’s not from Black descent regardless if they are from the hood or if they are in the hood they should not say the n-word. That’s me,” he said. “’Cause I feel like that’s where I come from. I’m African. I’m Black. I feel I’m a Black guy, I’m a ‘n-gga.’ I feel like I grew up around and I went through that.”

He also believes “We took a bad word, n-gger, and we turned into a good word. We turned it into a word of endearment amongst the African American community. I’ve watched, as a kid, I’ve watched Puerto Ricans that said ‘n-gga’ that didn’t consider themselves Black and laughed at Black people.”

“I feel that a lot of people can’t relate to what we go through. I’m not saying that you can’t relate but I just don’t feel like another race should use a word that was considered a word that was disrespecting Black people,” he added.

China Mac added that the way the n-word is used now no longer means disrespect.

“I’m with you every day and you’d be like ‘Yo, that’s my n-gga China Mac bro,’ and you say that. Then it’s always thrown around me and sh*t. You cannot expect me not to say that word because we f**k with each other. And you’re using it towards me, using it around me. You can’t expect me not to say the word. And then now, once this one says it to that level, the disrespect is no longer there. It’s not about disrespect.”

“That word, the connotation of that word, doesn’t come with disrespect. You’re the same, saying that you guys took the disrespect out but then you want to put the disrespect sometimes. Like, it’s not disrespectful here, but it’s disrespectful here.”

He further noted that the n-word is now “part of the culture.”

“It’s in the music, it’s in everything, it’s part of the culture. And culture is not color. Culture is the environment. Culture is how you were raised. Culture was the people around you.

“So now, when we say that word, when other Asian people say that word, they don’t mean it by disrespect. It’s different in the 50s, in the 60s.”

QueenzFlip believes the term remains a trigger topic for many Blacks, and for this reason, China Mac stopped using the n-word in his songs and social media.

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19 thoughts on “Chinese Rapper China Mac Makes Argument To Use N-Word

  1. Many young blacks don’t even know the history of this word. they can only tell you it is a word to insult blacks used by the white man, if they can tell you that much. It’s really puzzling to see someone that knows that much say that blacks can use the n word but no other race can say it. You’re just giving away your civil rights because if i’m a lawyer in a hate crime and we are arguing whether a person said the n word to degrade someone, i’m going to argue that they say it’s a term of endearment and i’ll bet that lawyer wins the case.

    • Dwhite Devil on said:

      @Chrissy, nice try peanut head. I’ve 3 houses, rent 2 of them, overlooking the ocean and harbor. What have you got??? I betting you’ve got a broke down car on cinder blocks in the parking lot of your 40B apartment, an army of cockroaches stealing your pork rinds, neck tats, gold chains, and no $$$ to pay back child support payments. Haters gonna hate. Have a great day you racist POS. Oh, I almost forgot, don’t forget to blame the White Man for all your problems and shortcomings..

    • Dwhite Devil on said:

      Thank you AAW, god bless you, and all of us that deserve blessing. EVERY time I go to a Dr. appt. or wherever I have to check off a race, I check OTHER,…And I write in HUMAN… We are all one, like it or not. Every race has it’s disgrace, and the majority shouldn’t be blamed for the actions coming from the bottom of the barrel.

      • You know they say a hit dog will howl. The same victim-minded wilfully blind folks whine on here all the time when something true, but uncomfortable, is pointed out. They get triggered because they knew its true but their victimized brain won’t allow anything truthful entry into it.

    • @African American Woman – You do not speak for the ENTIRE African American people! A large number of African Americans have self-respect, respect towards others and respect for property, life, etc! You are only speaking about one fourth of African Americans who don’t! You sound like a white person lumping the entire race on a few bad apples! Every race has a certain amount that don’t respect themselves or others!! Jesus – every time you make a statement on BAW it’s a derogatory one towards your own people! Talk about self-hating!! How about you work on yourself and then try uplifting others!! You shouldn’t complain if you aren’t doing ANYTHING to solve the problem! Seek help and/or God Almighty!!

      • Dwhite Devil on said:

        Yo Chris, You have the balls to call out AAW “”You sound like a WHITE person lumping the entire race on a few bad apples!”” WOW, I MEAN WOOOOOOW. Have you ever heard the word HYPOCRITE!!!!! You just lumped all Whites together, based on 1 response. You RACIST HYPOCRITICAL A HOLE. Chinese fortune cookie says, ” It is better to keep ones mouth shut, and be thought a fool. Than to open ones mouth, and remove all doubt.” BLM, Unless they’re killed by other Blacks………………..

    • Dwhite Devil on said:

      Thank you AAW, God bless you, and all of us that deserve blessing. EVERY time I go to a Dr. appt., or wherever I have to check off a race, I check OTHER…And I write in HUMAN… We are all one, like it or not. Every race has its disgrace, and the majority shouldn’t be blamed for the actions coming from the bottom of the barrel..

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