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(Wyoming, Pa., Police Department via AP)

WYOMING, Pa. (AP) — Police say a woman smashed her way into a closed Pennsylvania police station looking for an officer she’d been sexually harassing ever since he arrested her.

Police say 27-year-old Ashley Keister, of Nanticoke, used a large cigarette butt receptacle to smash glass doors into the West Wyoming police building around 12:45 a.m. Monday. Once inside, she started rummaging through filing cabinets.

West Wyoming Police Chief Curtis Nocera says Keister had been under investigation for harassing an officer who arrested her last year. He says she sent sexually harassing messages on social media and would call 911 just to talk to him.

The break-in was caught on surveillance cameras.

Keister was charged with aggravated assaulted on a police officer, burglary and vandalism.

A message was left with her public defender seeking comment.

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8 thoughts on “Woman Breaks Into Police Station, Wanted To Date Cop

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  2. Ted Gravely on said:

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    Contrary to popular belief, WOMEN can be STALKERS/SEXUAL HARASSERS also.

  4. The scary part of this is that without all of this video and other evidence she could have filed a complaint stating that the officer was sexually pursuing her and in todays climate of Me Too it could have had a very negative affect on his career and family life. It is good that this was on video to show that there are females out there like this.

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