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Kevin Hart says he’s “over” apologizing for his old anti-gay remarks, telling GMA host Michael Strahan. “I’m done with it. It gets no more energy from me.”

The comedian stopped by ABC’s “Good Morning America” to discuss the controversy surrounding his decision to step down from hosting the Oscars. Hart said he addressed the issue for “the last time” on his Podcast show.

“Straight from the Hart” on Saturday. “There’s no more conversation about it,” he added. “Literally I’m over that. I’m over the moment. I’m about today. So, if it’s accepted great, if it’s not it’s nothing I can control.”

He continued: “Some things are left out of your hands. So I’m done with it. I’m over it.”

When Strahan asked Hart to explain how he has evolved since the controversy erupted, the “Night School” star replied: “I… have… explained how I’ve evolved, which makes me say I’m over it,” Hart laughed.

He wouldn’t go into detail about his growth since the backlash but noted that he also apologized several times on Twitter, his radio show and on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“I’m not saying how I changed anymore,” he said. “I’m not saying what I’ve done and what the new me is. I’m not giving no more explanation of who I am. I’ve done it. I’ve done it several times. I’ve tweeted it. I’ve talked about it when I went on Ellen. I said it on my radio show. I’m just done. So you have to come to a point where you know that you’ve given all that you possibly can. And if that’s received, then great—then that means we’ve achieved something. If it’s not, there’s nothing I can do. So, I do this now [shrugs].”

He continued: “I have an understanding that I’ve addressed it, and I’ve said everything that I can possibly say. So, I’m over it. You will not hear me saying anything else about it. You’re not ever going to hear me say anything else about it. I’ve done all that I can do. So, that was done within hopes that people can hear and understand how heartfelt and authentic it was. If you didn’t, then I don’t know what to tell you or do. I don’ know what you’re looking for. So, I’m over it.”

He noted that he’s a “good person” who inspires, motivates, brings positive energy and “loves to love.”

“If you don’t see that, then that’s a problem with you,” he added. “If you can’t realize that, then that means it’s you. I have nothing else to prove or do—nothing else.”

Hart confirmed that he is not hosting the Oscar Awards telecast in February.

“I’m not going to host the Oscars this year. Right now, from a time perspective, I don’t have the time.

“It’s not in God’s plan right now.”




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14 thoughts on “Kevin Hart: ‘I’m Done With The Oscars And Apologizing’ [WATCH]

  1. It’s about time Mr. Hart came to his senses. It’s getting to the point where everyone has to apologize for anything they say because no matter what they say, someone is going to complain and whine about it. You can’t please everyone. Say what you mean and mean, mean what you say and keep it moving. Stop with all the groveling.

  2. JAY DADDY on said:

    The Homo’s have taken over . Forget the LBGT folks. No one can tell me that, it is ok to be living this lifestyle. It they thought it was a right place to be, why hide in the closet ?

  3. americanize on said:

    There are powerful people in Hollywood and corporate America who are into this gay sh*t and trying to feminize certain men.This sh*t is going to backfire on these homosexuals.Alpha Males stay strong.

  4. hoodtechie on said:

    good for Kevin, if the gay community doesn’t accept his apology to hell with them, they need to get over it.not everyone agrees with their pervertive,deviant lifestyle nor should anyone be forced to accept it.once again marriage is between a man and woman in gods eyes. Nothing else can substitute for it, let it be written let it be acknowledged

  5. Ted Gravely on said:

    Great for Kevin. Crazy that he apologized because he doesn’t want his kids to be gay. What’s next; apologize because you don’t want HIV, Herpes, date a trans person, ect. As long as this man doesn’t discriminate in hiring and working with people, or personally denigrate them, he doesn’t have to embrace that culture. It’s not discriminatory to say, I am disgusted by a man touching another man in a way that only your wife should. It’s not discriminatory to say, “I’m a man and I want babies with a woman the way God intended.” It’s backwards that he is apologizing for saying/doing what men naturally do. All the best!

  6. Faith Ferebee on said:

    I agree MJ, I would have apologized if I offended anyone but not for my belief, sorry LGBTFFJK or whatever you call yourself. every one don’t have the same belief as you do. I know that the power to be in Hollywood are mostly Gay and Q, Questioning What a Thought . You all preach we just being who we are but doing all you can to alter who you all. Okay you are born a Male/Female then be just that, who you are. Just Hipocrates.

  7. Really, Mr. DARK/UGLY?
    You may have “gotten over it” Kev, but the Gay community will NEVER forget the HOMOPHOBIC slurs you made.

    P.S.—You AIN’T even a good comedian–YOUR BLACK ASS AIN’T FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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