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BALTIMORE – Today (01/08/19) marks day 17 of the partial government shutdown and importantly, it also marks the second week without pay for the 800,000 government workers and millions of others who depend on government agencies.

It’s unconscionable that Americans are forced to suffer the brunt and being held as political hostages because of President Trump’s unreasonable pursuit for a border wall we simply can’t afford and don’t need. As we have seen historically from Berlin to China, walls don’t work and not an effective way to remedy our broken immigration system.

Many government workers have shared their #ShutdownStories. It’s clear that this shutdown has put them in an untenable position. Both Trump and Congress have a duty to the American people that exceed whatever political leanings they may have. This shutdown is a disservice and a disgrace to our nation.

Although we do not know what will be discussed during Trump’s address tonight, what we do know is that the information in which he is basing the need of this wall on is not evidence based, however its implication will affect more than just immigration at the southern border. This is nothing but a veil attempt to spread his xenophobic rhetoric to his base and scare others into thinking that this wall is needed while holding government workers as political hostages.

NAACP is calling on the White House and Congress to work swiftly and put an end to this shutdown in a way that does not compromise the integrity of our country.

Sign petition to end the government shutdown.

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9 thoughts on “NAACP Statement On Government Shutdown And Trump’s Address Tonight

  1. Once again we have an insignificant relic from the past trying to make itself relevant
    By commenting on sh!t it has nothing to do with….. I guess according to NAACP only black people work for the government or are on welfare

    • Talk about a fool you should have attended Civics Class instead of hanging out smoking dope it takes and election to remove a sitting president if all it took was a petition Choc-Obama would have been sent packing his first term

      • Hey bitch, huf— Don’t come for me like that, stupid. I’m more than aware of what it takes to get rid of this shit in the wh. I just wish the congress and senate had the balls and the fortitude to do it. I also wish we can get ur ass off this website.

      • So your aware of how government works but you make a stupid comment like that,,BTW whats this “we sht” you have turd in your pocket?

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