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The singer Rockwell, best known for his 80s hit song, “Somebody’s Watching Me,” was arrested after allegedly beating a woman down with a chair at a Hollywood hotel. She has now filed a lawsuit over the injury.

Rockwell, whose real name is Kennedy Gordy, was arrested November 29, 2018 in Hollywood after the incident went down at the Magic Castle Hotel, and he was booked on a felony charge with $30,000 bail.

The Blast reports the woman was working for the 54-year-old singer at the time, and that along with being physically and verbally abusive, he owed her money.

On the night of November 29, the woman allegedly approached Rockwell about payment, and he became irate and attacked her with a chair, resulting in serious injuries including a broken arm.

The singer was released from jail on December 1.

The woman has undergone one surgery and reportedly needs another to repair the extensive damage to her arm. On January 7, she filed a lawsuit against Rockwell in Los Angeles for personal injury, and claims her damages exceed $25,000.

The son of Berry Gordy reportedly has multiple criminal cases open at the moment, including one for criminal threats and another for indecent exposure and lewd acts. He has not appeared in court over the alleged chair beating.

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5 thoughts on “Berry Gordy’s Son, Rockwell, Was Arrested For Allegedly Beating Woman With A Chair

  1. Ted Gravely on said:

    Weird life, weird guy. Folks if someone owes you money, use the racist court system. Locally arbitration is normally fair. Don’t keep pestering someone about repaying their debt. Also think about it this way – if they are your friend and you want them to remain your friend, gift them what you can and tell them that’s it. That way you don’t expect anything in return, but you make it clear that you’re not the bank or an ATM. How crazy is it that he beats a woman that initially helped him? I’m sure it’s just me, but why didn’t he get money from his daddy? That right there would have been a “red flag” alert.

  2. OMG–Haven’t heard from Rockwell since back in the day when he had that video-
    “Somebody’s Watching Me.”

    I always thought Rockwell was gay.
    Nonetheless, this is an UGLY incident.
    I hope the matter is settled and the woman is reimbursed for her medical expenses,
    and that she recovers both physically and mentally from this ordeal.

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