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Wendy Williams has responded to a report that her husband impregnated his mistress by sending the original source of the alleged rumor a legal warning.

Blogger Love B. Scott was served with a cease & desist by the popular daytime talk show host after he first published quotes from a source who claimed Kevin Hunter’s alleged mistress might be pregnant.

“She’s allegedly pregnant and still living just down the street from their house. Word around the show is that they’re going to divorce sometime now that little Kevin has gone off to college,” the insider spilled.

Per Love B. Scott:

Aside from that, her lawyer sent us a cease and desist letter the day after Christmas (with typos) demanding a retraction for our previous exclusive about her alleged self-medication and rumors her husband Kevin got his mistress pregnant.

The letter states that both “Mrs. Wendy Williams-Hunter and Mr. Kevin Hunter categorically deny each and every allegation made by your “sources”, even if not specifically enumerated herein.” 

Williams has also denied in the past that her husband has a mistress — even though Daily Mail conducted a year-long investigation and came back with photos of Kevin and his woman.

Meanwhile, celebs such as 50 Cent and actress Cherie Johnson have taken to Instagram to mock Wendy’s rumored martial drama.

“Hey Wendy, I heard that your husband got his mistress pregnant for the second time and you about to play step momma again,” Johnson wrote.” Now, it seems like Kevin got that super sperm, how come you ain’t getting pregnant. Oh, that’s right. How you doing, William? Karma’s a bitch. You need to leave people alone 2019. Find Jesus. Be a nicer person.”

50 also couldn’t resist adding his two cents to the controversy. “The world most famous side chick Wendy Williams,”he wrote. “Always in some body sh**, she never talk about this.” 50 may have gotten a cease and desist as well, as his post was deleted.

As the show is currently on holiday hiatus, Williams’ only comment has been on Instagram, where she’s looking forward to the new year.

Given all the alleged dirt that Wendy has dropped on celebrities over the years, should she be obligated to reveal the details of her personal life, even when they aren’t favorable?



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16 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Issues Cease And Desist To Blogger On Alleged Mistress Story

  1. This person must be getting close to revealing the TRUTH.
    There is NO OTHER good reason why Wendy witch would obtain a “Cease/Desist court order.
    Karma is a bitch-when it eventually comes back to bite you!!!!!!!
    Looks like Wendy witch don’t mind dishing out the dirt on others, but when the dirt concerns her ass–it’s a different story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hello people…..Wendy is a talk show host….not a hater troll. For those that say she should stop talking about peeps what would you suggest she talk about? That notion is soooo ridiculous bc that’s what gossip talk show host do… about celebs, what’s going on in the world etc. When you all get your own talk show then come and talk to us. Meanwhile stop the madness

    • John John on said:

      Lmao. You’re sad. She has built her career on doing this very thing and it’s coming back on her. What else should she talk about? Anything but peoples personal lives! She’s not obligated to do that.

      But now she’s in the hot seat and she doesn’t like it. Well, how does she think the people she’s done felt?

  3. Tony Rodriguez on said:

    If Wendy can take such pleasure in doing other people’s dirt, she needs to man up ( sorry.. couldn’t resist) and address her own mess since it’s gone viral.

  4. Sonya Burns on said:

    I like wendy Williams ‘ she’s funny smart and keeping us entertained!!! That’s her job ppl. But bottom line if she gone keep it 1000 then keep it 100.girlly and. With tht… How you doin!… this too shall pass well wishes for the new year ahead

    • Her damn ass lookin like a man….. she comments on everyone’s shit… But when it comes to her private life she has her lawyer involved to send out letters…. 50 is right she always talkin about others… Sucks ur man is having a baby by his other woman….

  5. Prismor m. on said:

    This person does not look like a real woman….so funny.. time for pay back and the real truth,….be true to yourself and love god And mankind!!

    • Kinkytopdee15 on said:

      Why does it have to be “black women” other women “celebs” have had issues with gossip or infidelity issues and they have ended up trending on Twitter, headlining the tabloids. News flash not all black women are as you stated…….”shiggidy drama”

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