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Halle Berry was forced to evacuate her multimillion-dollar Malibu waterfront home when the wildfires ripped through Southern California last month. That’s when her property was invaded by pirates who emptied the lot of its valuables.

RadarOnline reports that the alleged pirates reached Berry’s home by boat then they looted the $8 million estate.

An insider says the actress was “frantic” upon her return.

“The looters got there by boat. Literally, they were pirates!” spilled a source.

“When Halle was told about what happened, she couldn’t get back into the area and she was frantic!”

The criminals are said to have stolen expensive artwork and irreplaceable sentimental valuables. A source close to the actress says the ordeal “could have been plucked from a movie.”

“These criminals were clever,” an insider said, “They knew exactly what they were doing! They knew that the fire gave them exactly the cover they needed to pull off the job.”

Other stars in Halle’s neighborhood whose homes were destroyed by the fire included Gerard Butler, Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke.

“This is the family home for Halle and her two kids. She spends a lot of time there, so the whole thing was very scary,” added an insider. “She was terribly shaken up by this.”

A few celebs went on social media to warn thieves to stay away or face potentially fatal consequences.

Carey Hart posted photos showing armed men standing beside a sign that read: “Looters will be shot on site.”

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