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We strongly suggest you DON’T come for Halle Berry with some stupid bullsh*t ’cause if it really is stupid bullsh*t, you’re gonna get it thrown right back atcha. And, by the way, her aim is deadly accurate. Just ask the nitwit whose name is Heath Wilson.

Check out what Wilson wrote on Instagram about a (reverse?) #MeToo moment that he claims happened between the two.

“Bumped into Halle at a party. I was a little drunk and knocked the drink out of her hand. I tried to apologize, but she grabbed me by my genitalia and said ‘This is how you can say sorry.’ I told her no, but she persisted. I was lucky enough to get away but imagine how many of her victims weren’t able to escape her clutches. Just telling my truth. #whowillstandwithme.”

Madame Berry, 53, was NOT having it. Here’s her response:

“I don’t know you, bruh. And you don’t get to make comments about me like this. I have never met you, nor have I ever disrespected anyone the way you have suggested. Now get a life and get the f*ck off my page with that bullsh*t. Peace chicken grease.”

Check out the exchanges below.

(Halle Berry Instagram comments)

Happy Birthday Halle Berry: This Is 50
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10 thoughts on “Halle Berry Accused Of Sexual Assault By Man On Instagram

  1. James wilson on said:

    Hate is something we cannot control what come out of person mouth. Just pray for them and hope they can find peace with in them self. No responses is the best answer for they wishful thinking.

  2. tedgravely on said:

    Peace chicken grease? That’s old school. If that guy is serious come out, let’s go. The standard has changed with Kavanaugh. Don’t believe the women if you can’t substantiate it? Need hard evidence. Oh two exceptions – black people or democrats. So unless this fantasy idiot has pictures – didn’t happen!

  3. Michael Brooks on said:

    I believe that 100% of heterosexual men were groped by some woman as beautiful as Halle berry, they would not complain.

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