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Orlando Brown is seeking help from Dr. Phil and wearing snake-eye contacts to his session.

Brown, the ex-Disney star (“That’s So Raven”) has been spiraling out of control allegedly due to drugs and who knows what else including mental issues. It seems his situation has become so dire that he’s at the point where he’s looking for a savior in the doctor.

The meet-up with Dr. Phil is set for Friday. Reportedly it’s an intervention-type setting that was put together by one of Brown’s friends. Speaking of mental issued, the friend says the ex-actor is suffering from a mental disorder and on top of that, has burned so many bridges … he’s run out of people and places to go for help.

“I called in because Orlando he has mental problems,” the 31-year-old’s friend told the television host in the clip. “He’s burnt so many bridges no one wants to deal with him. If you can’t help him, he does not have a chance.”

Here’s more from TMZ:

The clip’s pretty shocking — both because of what the friend says about the “That’s So Raven” star … and the look in Orlando’s eye(s) when he sits face-to-face with Dr. Phil.

We broke the story … several of Brown’s friends staged an intervention for him in October to encourage him to enter a rehab facility. It worked — but only temporarily — and it’s clear people are still very concerned about him.

As we reported … Orlando’s been in and out of handcuffs several times in 2018, including after he was busted breaking into a restaurant in September.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget about the insane time he was busted by bounty hunters back in April. He was arrested in his underwear!

And there’s this:

“Out of nowhere he’ll say, ‘Michael Jackson’s my father. I own Neverland,’” his friend told Dr. Phil.

The full interview airs today, Friday (12/21/18). Check your local listings for “Dr. Phil” air time(s).

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3 thoughts on “Orlando Brown Seeks Help From Dr. Phil With Snake-Eye Contacts

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