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A recent episode of Dr. Phil has the Internet up in arms after a Black teen revealed her disdain for the Black race.

“I’m white,” 16-year-old Treasure said. “I’m a Caucasian because everything about me is different from African-Americans.”

According to the delusional teen, White people “completely and utterly better.” Treasure described Black people as “hood rats,” “thuggish” and “ghetto.”

“I have naturally straight hair, my hair is not nappy, it does not require weave. My nose is not giant as African-Americans,” the troubled teen said.

Apparently Treasure found out the man she considered her father, who was White, wasn’t her biological dad. And that her biological dad is Black. All of which led to an “identity crisis.”

A life coach was on hand to offer her insight on Treasure’s problematic perspective. “It’s not that she hates Black people, it’s that she hates herself,” Spirit said.

Spirit offered Treasure the opportunity to shadow her in Atlanta so she could experience and understand beauty of powerful Black women, but she declined. Instead, she called her a hood rat.

“When you feel the need to use words to hurt people. We know all the time, hurt people hurt people. I look at you and all I want to do is help you heal your brokenness.”

Treasure is clearly going through an identity crisis and needs professional help.


Black Teen On ‘Dr. Phil’ Thinks She’s Caucasian, Hates Black People: ‘I Think They’re All Ugly” was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

9 thoughts on “Black Teen On ‘Dr. Phil’ Thinks She’s Caucasian, Hates Black People: ‘I Think They’re All Ugly”

  1. she is kinda hating on her race
    when in the true spectrum her race is actually the first and superior one which begot other fucking races, e.g: white, asian, e.t.c
    the white races she is loving on even has distant black race in their fucking DNA, dating back to the Paleothic time, they were just mutated by aliens (neantherthals)
    so i am 1000% to be black, wont ever be white even if God wanna transform me, i swear.

  2. Everette J Wingfield on said:

    Unfortunate that her Black mother didn’t nip this in the bud…. Early in her formidable years…pray for the young lady, y’all

  3. Frannyfran on said:

    Apparently All the hate is within herself. She was lied to as a child.so she hates the skin she’s in.I pray that she finds herself before it’s tooo late.she is in for a rude awaken.

    • Anamoly on said:

      NO one is racist idiots. It’s how someone looks and behaves and if the majority act and look a certain ugly way…don’t blame people for what they see that’s real. This girl is not mentally ill. She’s honest and it’s true.

    • Manny! on said:

      I am sorry but if u think she is right u are stupid and retarded ( pardon my language) and I am sorry again what is her mom doing! And honey I am not a hater I just think u are senseless! If this were to Be where I come from u will be dead cause u are stupid and nhot needed in a valuables society full of lots of racial issues! And one last question u think u with have u seen the big gap inbetween ur two front teeth it is ridiculous how many white fuels donu are that have it! Mama of thiChile pls take her to rehab like now! Or u will be blamed in future! Peace out!

  4. Gary Carney on said:

    that confused child must not have a mirror at home,her mom needs to put her out and let her experience real life ,all white people aren’t sitting on easy Street :let her get out there in the real world and find out the hard way I don’t care what color your skin or hair is get cut and see don’t you bleed red blood God said he created all men equal all men ,if you don’t have love in your heart you’re just a tinkling brass and sounding cymbal

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