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An online fundraiser started by an Air Force veteran to pay for construction of President Donald Trump‘s U.S.-Mexico border wall was up to millions of dollars Thursday, bringing further attention to an issue that could lead to a government shutdown.

Brian Kolfage launched the GoFundMe page Sunday, and it has since generated $6 million in donations. The site states a fundraising goal of $1 billion.

In a statement posted on the crowdsourcing page, Kolfage says the wall could be built if everyone who voted for Trump pledged $80 each.

“As a veteran who has given so much, three limbs, I feel deeply invested to this nation to ensure future generations have everything we have today,” Kolfage wrote.

A triple amputee injured in the Iraq War in 2004, Kolfage said he has contacted the Trump administration about where to send the money once the fundraiser ends.

Trump announced Thursday he would not sign a bill to keep funding the government because it fails to provide billions for his border wall. It was his second reversal in a matter of days after conservative allies and pundits accused him of backing down on a central campaign promise. His decision has thrown Congress into disarray and risks a federal shutdown this weekend.

Kolfage, who is listed on GoFundMe as being based in Miramar Beach, Florida, said in an email that he was not immediately available to comment.

The reception toward Kolfage’s fundraising is far from the reaction when Arizona lawmakers similarly tried to raise money for border fencing several years ago.

Legislators approved a bill in 2011 to establish a website to raise $50 million for border fencing. The effort, however, flopped, bringing in around $265,000.

Kolfage’s page inspired at least one opposing fundraising page. A GoFundMe fundraiser was created Wednesday to raise money for “ladders to get over Trump’s wall.” The site posted a goal of $100 million and garnered more than $20,000 in donations as of Thursday afternoon. All the money will go toward a nonprofit that provides education and legal services to refugees and immigrant families.


This story has been corrected to show that Kolfage said each Trump voter should pledge $80 and that Kolfage is listed as being in Miramar Beach, not Miramar.


11 thoughts on “Veteran Draws Millions In Donations For Trump’s Border Wall

  1. P.S. There is not enough money in the WORLD to see that ORANGE HEAD MF OUSTED from the HOUSE BLK FOLK BUILT.It is just a matter of time.DEMANDING 5B for some DAMN WALL is PURELY INGNORANT but look at who you are dealing with a FOOL who knows NOTHIN ABT NOTHIN.You don”t send in a PLUMBER to do BRAIN SURGERY do you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ted Gravely on said:

    Good. I don’t care if these fools raise a trillion dollars to build the wall. All I know is our Orange puppet is a “master liar.” What happened to Mexico paying for the wall? Mexico ain’t paying for nothing. His fat tail is eating that campaign promise. I pray he shuts the government down for a long time because he broke his campaign promise. Oh this is good. He thought Mexicans were simps and afraid to challenge the U.S. This Orange idiot calculations were way off. I don’t want the American people to suffer, but I want to see this fat fool unfollow not only the Ann “Skeleton” Coulters of the world, but also that fat liar Rush. So let this guy raise money; but Congress better not give it to him. The taxpayers shouldn’t pay for something that this fat chump lied about.

  3. It’s been reported the idiot in cheif diesnt have enough lawyers to defend his impending investigations. Thrump doesn’t get it. He’s toast!! Everyone is jumping off that sinking shit in the Wh. It will be a glorious day when that 45 idiot resigns. Their is a light at the end of the tunnel.

    • Ahh yes I read that and laugh thinking back to 2016 when the so called experts and celebrity’s proclaimed “Donald Trump will NEVER be President” sooooo tell me who’s in the white house now???

  4. Passing Through!! on said:

    Kolfage better be raising money to pay for a good team of attorneys that trump & his children are going to need with 17 pending investigations. This idiot trying to fund a wall to keep illegals out while you have a criminal who sold the U.S. out to a foreign enemy running the country. And trump & family has also been ordered by the state of New York to shut his charity program due to the mishandling of funds & you want to raise money for this POS…Smh.

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