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In just a few minutes I need to break down a troubling situation that is unfolding in St. Louis right now, but first I need to get back to news of a disturbing revelation about Donald Trump and his entire family.

As you likely heard, on Tuesday, the State Attorney General of New York announced that they had just forced Donald Trump to shut down his families non-profit foundation because of rampant illegality. In any other administration, I think such a development would have absolutely crippled a President.

In their statement, the Attorney General’s office stated that the Trump Foundation, which is a 501c3, illegally spent nearly $3 million to help Trump get elected, and was mainly used as a personal piggy bank and tax shelter, for friends and family.

After forcing it to close down, Donald Trump and his three oldest children, Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka, had to agree not to serve on the board of any other New York charities. And the Trump family agreed to this.

Let me pause right there for a moment and rephrase what I just said, the State of New York determined that Donald Trump and his three oldest children are unfit and incapable of legally and ethically running a small family foundation.

Yet here we are with this man as President of the United States.

17 different criminal investigations are currently underway into the life and businesses of Donald Trump. Since he was elected he has now been forced to shut down Trump University because of rampant fraud and pay back $25 million owed to its customers. And now he has been forced to shut down the Trump Foundation because of rampant crime and fraud.

In my opinion, and I don’t say this lightly, these two things alone are enough to impeach Donald Trump, but he has also been implicated in several other crimes, including directing his own attorney, Michael Cohen, to commit multiple felonies during the 2016 election. Michael Cohen is going to prison for 3 years over this.

What we are seeing right now is that Donald Trump himself is essentially a walking, talking criminal enterprise. And while he was able to get away with a lot of this when he was simply the host of The Apprentice, his entire empire is crumbling under the scrutiny of the presidency.

I need to say that during the 8 years of his presidency not a single member of the Obama administration or campaign was ever convicted of a single crime and that President Obama himself was, and is, the epitome of personal integrity.

The only thing protecting Donald Trump right now is white privilege. That, and the fact that Republicans increasingly seem to be playing by a very different set of rules than Democrats.

I’m not sure if you all heard what has happened in Wisconsin, where the state elected Democrats as Governor and Lt. Governor and Attorney General, last month, only to have the legislature and outgoing governor last week vote to strip them all of some of their most essential powers. It is one of the most scandalous political maneuvers I’ve seen in my entire life. The people of Wisconsin voted in these Democrats and Republicans are thwarting the will of the people by stripping those newly elected officials of their power.

Something very similar is currently underway in St. Louis as we speak.

In November, for the first time ever in St. Louis, the people voted a brilliant Black man named Wesley Bell into office to serve as District Attorney there – ousting the lifelong bigot, Bob McCulloch, who had literally been DA since I was in elementary school.

And we should’ve seen it coming, but McCulloch, and all of the prosecutors that he still oversees for a few more weeks, have done everything they can to weaken and destroy that entire office before Wesley Bell takes over.

But here is the most scandalous thing, and when I first heard it, I could hardly believe it.

All of the white prosecutors in that office have banded together and done something unthinkable, they have applied to join the local police union and the Fraternal Order of Police.

I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. The very prosecutors who we’ve said for years were incapable of holding police accountable for misconduct, have now openly joined the police union as members. Every single prosecutor who has done this should be fired. Mind you, St. Louis is one of just a few dozen cities in the country, that has a white police union, and a Black police union – that’s how segregated the city is. And the St. Louis Police Union has been universally held as one of the most racist in the nation.

I’ve gotta run, but I’ll close with this thought – what I’ve learned over these past few weeks is that winning elections is not enough – because these scoundrels are organizing against us even when we win, we have out-organize and out-think them – and predict their moves better – so that we aren’t undercut – even in victory.