In May 4-year-old Sir Romeo was playing in his apartment as any child would, when suddenly gunfire broke out.

“He’s just standing there and falls to his knees and falls backwards,” Loriann Milam, Sir Romeo’s grandmother, told ABC 13.

He was hit by a stray bullet and has been in the hospital for months. He even celebrated his 5th birthday there.

His grandmother doesn’t want to have to bring him back to that neighborhood.

“We can raise this boy somewhere else, so we don’t have him growing up to be a statistic,” said Milam.

But, she can’t afford to move and after seven months in the hospital, she said the bills are in the millions.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has a fund that helps victims with medical and other expenses. Victims of domestic violence and sex offenses can receive funding to help them relocate.

However, victims of other violent crimes, such as homicide and attempted murder, are not eligible for relocation funds. But,  are eligible for all other forms of compensation.

The family is now reportedly working with Houston Crime Stopper’s Andy Kahan to change that law.

“It dawned on me perhaps Sir Romeo’s cause could be a catalyst for change,” said Kahan.

Kahan is  working with a local lawmaker to add relocation expenses as a cost that’s covered by the fund.

“At least this would give families, like Sir Romeo, an opportunity not to return back to the residence in which they suffered a life-long traumatic scenario,” said Kahan.

Sir Romeo is expected to return home from the hospital by January.

His grandmother would like the healing process to continue in a place that isn’t full of painful memories.

“Where you lay your head, that’s supposed to be your sanctuary. This is no sanctuary out here,” said Milam.

Kahan said the bill would be called the Sir Romeo Bill. If it passes, it would go into effect next September.

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