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Have you ever had to be somewhere with a group of people you couldn’t stand? Of course you have. But did you have to do it with a million plus people watching, parsing your every facial expression?

Well, that was the case for the living presidents and their first ladies, who all attended George H.W. Bush’s funeral in Washington, D.C. today.

While most of the living presidents club of George Bush, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton seem friendly at events when they have to be together, none of them like President Trump or seem to have much of a relationship with Melania Trump.

Yet all of them had to sit together at Bush’s funeral  today and social media enjoyed it to the fullest. It was real-life reality TV drama.

Here are the funniest reactions to the most awkward pairing of people since maybe Aretha Franklin’s funeral.

First, the Obamas showed grace and the  Clintons paid the Trumps dust.

And despite the seriousness of the day, George Bush found time to give his buddy (crush) a treat.


Their expressions speak volumes.


Raise your hand if you’ve been there. 



Reason #345789 why Michelle Obama is our forever FLOTUS


Ha! But so valid.


Some people just know how to kill a vibe.

LMAO especially at Jimmy Carter…


C’mon lip readers do your thing!






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6 thoughts on “The Best Social Media Comments From The Awkward President’s Reunion At Bush’s Funeral

  1. Phyllis on said:

    I think she looked fine. So much restraint not to put hands around trump’s throat after all the s**t he talked about President Obama and the danger he put her family in with that birther bull crap.

  2. I noticed that Melania Trump never misses a chance to sit next to former President Barack H. Obama.

    That’s about as close to being with a Man of Color SHE WILL EVER GET!!!!!!!!

  3. Pertaining to facial expressions at George Bush’s Funeral, Michelle Obama’s was not indicative of her mantra when they go low we go high.

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