Soledad O’Brien Is Enjoying The Change Of Pace In Her Career


Soledad O’Brien has been enjoying the change of pace in her career. She’s off of cable TV and working on a political magazine program called Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien.

O’Brein calls cable TV “insane” and “hard to watch” these days because it’s constantly covering the “chaos” coming out of the White House.

Matter of Fact is different because it’s prerecorded and they tend to “do stories with context.”

She says, “we get to cover real stories and not just chase chaos.”

For example, this morning they’re going to look at the “craziness in the GOP in Wisconsin.” The Republicans who are on their way out are doing everything they can to make it hard for the Democrats on the way in to do anything, O’Brien calls it “crazy” because “people used to lie about that” but now they’ll admit to it “like yeah well we don’t trust the new guy coming in.”

Matter of Fact airs on Sunday morning, check your local listings.

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