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We bet Magic Johnson is breathing a sigh of relief today after news that his daughter almost got caught up in a home invasion in LA’s San Fernando Valley.

Elisa Johnson is reported to be just fine after getting out of harm’s way by fleeing a house in the valley where 2 armed men staged an early morning home invasion, according to TMZ.

Miss Johnson was at an Airbnb, rented by friends, Sunday morning … when the men got inside and started terrorizing the 10 people who were staying there … according to law enforcement sources.

At this point it’s unclear if the suspects broke in or if the door was unlocked — but we’re told they held people at gunpoint, shoving them around the home.

Elisa, 23, was in a bedroom and heard the commotion. She supposedly fled through a sliding glass door at the back of the home and ran down the street to escape harm.

As far as the bad guys, unfortunately, they did their job and cleaned out the home and fled before police arrived. They are said to have made off with a Rolex and other jewelry, cash and electronics … for a total haul worth between $30-$40k.

As we said up top, Elisa – who has appeared on her brother, E.J. Johnson’s reality show – is okay and no one else in the house suffered any physical injuries.

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