Roland Martin: Mike Espy Wants To Represent The Mississippi Of 2018


We’re coming off of the Thanksgiving holiday and one person who didn’t spend it eating turkey and watching football, is Mike Espy.

Tomorrow Nov. 27 is the Mississippi Runoff Election. Espy and his crew have been campaigning and canvasing neighborhoods for a week straight and believe they can win.

Both Espy and Cindy Hyde -Smith were in the same city yesterday and had rallies, that “couldn’t have been more opposite.”  his was open and he held a press conference afterward, but hers was closed to the public and “she ran away” afterward.

Espy insists Smith’s values “do not represent the values of Mississippi,” and he wants to represent the Mississippi of 2018.


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2 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Mike Espy Wants To Represent The Mississippi Of 2018

  1. BRO!!!BRO!!!! You are so right this WHITE BITCH is nothing but a RACIST,trying to take black people BACK to JIM CROW DAYS!!!!!! WAKE UP!!!! People!!!!! This WHITE BITTY went to ALL WHITE SCHOOLS to AVOID YOU and sent her daughter to ALL WHITE SCHOOLS to do the same.Her WHOLE FAMILY are RACIST that is where she got her training.If you elect this WHITE BITCH you wil be the SUBJECT of the PUBLIC HANGINGS.I pray you all will not be DISMEMBERED!!! by this WHITE SHEDEVIL!!!!GOD BE WITH YOU and VOTE VOTE EPSY!!!THE LIFE YOU SAVE WILL BE YOUR OWN!!!!!!!

  2. I wish Mr. Espy good luck.

    His POS opponent is busy wearing her Confederate Flag hats and looking forward to “public hangings.”

    Hyde-Smith is nothing but a RACIST who is stuck in the past.

    In order to move the State of Mississippi into the 21st Century, folks must make
    a decision, either go BACKWARDS WITH the REDNECK BITCH OR move
    FORWARD with Mr. Espy.


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