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A gay man took to Twitter Saturday night and leveled some pretty strong accusations at NBA star Dwight Howard and his pastor, claiming in part that they conspired to kill him — all because they allegedly wanted to cover up a sexual relationship.

The person, who goes by the name Masin Elijè‏, posted a series of what some were calling some pretty damning tweets, beginning with one that said his “life was threatened after I was sexually harassed, threatened and manipulated, by someone I respected, my ex boyfriend NBA player Dwight Howard, and his camp also ‘catfished’ by his disrespectful ass PASTOR.”

The lengthy thread of tweets included purported audio proof of a conversation with Howard about him acknowledging a sexual relationship with Elijè‏.

And while a person’s sexual orientation isn’t remotely newsworthy, that context was important to mention because Elijè‏ also made a similar accusation on Twitter last year against rapper Playboi Carti. As Bossip reminded readers, those claims were “allegedly discredited.”

Jason Collins, a former longtime NBA player who made news for announcing he was gay, said many of the reactions across social media mocking the situation were outing themselves as transphobic and homophobic, which could be dangerous.

Dwight Howard, meanwhile, remained silent after the allegations made his name the top trending topic on Twitter for hours Saturday night for all the wrong reasons. The eight-time NBA All Star has been busy nursing a lingering gluteal injury that kept him sidelined for the first seven games of the season and has forced him to miss the last three games for the Washington Wizards, including the one Saturday night as Elijè‏’s accusations were going viral on social media.

This is Howard’s first season with the Wizards after a 14-year career of excellence on the hard court. Conventional wisdom was that his addition to a playoff team that needed to shore up its defense was a match made in basketball heaven, but the season has thus far been a disappointment for a group with multiple all-star players on its roster.


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11 thoughts on “Man Accusing ‘Ex Boyfriend NBA Player Dwight Howard’ Has A History Of Slander

  1. KATES 1221 you can come out the closet, Gee if you had something to say intelligent perhaps folks would pay attention to what you had to say ! FROOTLOOPS for KATE1221

  2. In 1977 the psychiatrist associations said faggotry, and Lesbos were no longer sick in the head. prior to that people from the LBGT were given lobotomies and put in crazy folks wards. Now decent folks are made to feel like there is something wrong with them because they do not sit around wishing they had a bag full of D#CKS. Boys want to be girls, or girls wanting to be boys how sick is that. Gay use to mean ” happy ” full of ” joy” now it means someone who want to drink CUM !

    • You sound as if you may be a tad bit too invested in this subject. It may be a good idea to work out your own issues before trying to figure out how others should solve theirs. Just sayin’.

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      • truthhurtz... on said:

        Everything you do in life has consequences in this life &/or the next…so trying to act like screwing anything moving is ok when it is not will only lead you to a tormented afterlife..if you are ok with that keep living/ thinking the way you do.

    • well he reportedly has eight baby momaz so “bi” would be more accurate if true, and a lot of these ballah’s are bi in my opinion, or they would not be work out freaks, “fashionable,” or desire the contact. I use to perform oral on a married pro ballah, now retired. i’m a wigga and he liked the green eyes and talking trash…. I met him at 19 while he was in the g league, and he became famous later, then a fake marriage… never outed him and never would.

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