Seeing that he was performing in Toronto, the home of his nemesis, Drake, Pusha T shouldn’t have been too surprised that there were some in the audience that didn’t appreciate him being there.

Tuesday night, Pusha Ts  show was interrupted by several goons tossing drinks on the stage and then rushing it … sparking an all out brawl.

Pusha was performing cuts from his Saratoga album at Danforth Music Hall when a flurry of beverages were tossed on stage followed by several men attempting to get up on stage. Check out the video (above and below) of the incident and you’ll see the rapper run for cover just before the angry crowd could get to him.

Pusha T’s security were quick to step in … and fists started to fly.

Here’s more from TMZ:

A rep for the Toronto Police Department tells us they are currently investigating the altercation. We’re told three people were sent to the hospital with non life threatening injuries … and no arrests have been made.

It’s likely no coincidence the incident went down in Toronto — Drake‘s home city — the two have a nasty history, trading diss tracks … including one where Pusha T revealed Drake had fathered a secret son.

Once the crowd was back under control, Push returned to the stage to close out the show, surrounded by security guards.

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