Inside Her Story: Teach Your Children About Consent


As we approach the holidays, an important conversation to have is how we allow our children to interact with others. Often times parents make their children hug and kiss family members who may be unfamiliar to them.

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Dr. Argie Allen who says, that can actually be very damaging to our kids.

The Girl Scouts Of America have been encouraging parents to respect their kids resistance to showing affection to other people.

Dr. Allen says that some kids can be shy, but other times the child is picking up on vibes that make them uncomfortable. This is when it’s important to talk to children and listen to what they tell us.

If you’re afraid that your family might think you’re being rude, tell them ahead of time that you’re teaching your kids about consent. It’s important for children to know that they’re in control of their bodies and don’t have to show affection if they don’t feel comfortable.



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