Inside Her Story: The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater Is Turning 60


The legendary Alvin Ailey Dance Theater celebrating its 60 birthday this year, and Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with former artistic director Judith Jamison.

Jamison says that “telling the truth,” is the secret to longevity within a company. She says Alvin Ailey always told the truth about what it is to live this life as an African-American and have the gift of dance.

“He loved us first as people,” and from the beginning was passionate about “giving dance back to the people.” Not just to the audience at the performance but “the audience across the street,” in the neighborhoods.

Even if you can’t dance, you can go to one of the Alvin Ailey extension classes. It’s a part of what Alvin was about, she says, “extending ourselves past the excellence of the stage” and into the community.

The 60th anniversary celebration will be an extraordinary event. There are no tickets left and Jamison says “what can I say,” it’s going to be incredible.

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