Melania Trump is arguably one of the worst First Ladies in history. She seems to hate the job and is mortified when people critique her hypocritical “Be Best” campaign. The 48-year-old is now speaking out.

On Thursday, at the Family Online Safety Institute’s annual conference, Melania babbled, “We must give children the tools needed for success at a very young age and this includes helping them grasp online responsibility and the importance of their overall well being in the online world.” How is her husband, who bullies people everyday with his tweets, grasping this responsibility?

She then added this hypocritical gem: “It is not news or surprising to me that critics in the media have chosen to ridicule me for speaking out on this issue and that’s okay. I remain committed to tackling this topic because it will provide a better world for our children and I hope that like I do, you will consider using their negative words as motivation to do all you can to bring awareness and understanding about responsible online behavior.”

See below:

The irony is that her philandering husband is the biggest bully on the planet — online or in real life. Therefore, the critiques of her are valid. Melania Trump clearly needs another platform or maybe she doesn’t care about the people he attacks — like Black female journalists.


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