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David and Tamela Mann, are focused on their current tour called “Us Against the World” (purchase tickets here). But, the tour is not the only thing that encompasses their latest project – a book and CD round it out.

The Fort Worth, Texas natives are not coy about their marriage journey with this special project at all. They lay it all on the line in the name of family and helping others.

“The book was inspired by our 30-year journey (of being married),” David told Lee Bailey in a recent interview at Dulan’s, a popular soul food restaurant in Los Angeles. “We’ve been saying we were going to do the book for the last five years, since our 25th anniversary. But we just felt like this was the right time.”

David continued, “We just thought it would be good to share our journey and how we made it even in an industry that’s known for divorce. The divorce rate in the entertainment industry is well over the standard (rate in the nation). We just wanted to share how we did it. One of the ways is, she’s my priority and I’m her priority.”

Rearing their children also played a pivotal a part in the acting/singing couple’s marriage. The Tyler Perry favorites have a blended family of four kids and a niece they raised when Tamela’s sister died. Two of the children were fathered by David outside of the duo’s relationship.

Tamela was very supportive with the first child. However, when David’s second baby came along five years into the marriage, things took a turn for the worse.

“My career took off with Kirk Franklin and (the mother) came out of the woodwork that he had a daughter,” Tamela said. “I felt like I accepted one child. I can’t accept another child.”

It was this experience that earned the project it’s “Us Against the World” name.

Looking back at that challenging period, David recalled, “I felt like I was along. I felt like she was leaving me. She was like you got this baby mama to deal with and that baby mama to deal with, and she was like, ‘Where do I fit in? I’m going to get lost.’ I had to let her know, ‘That it’s me and you against all of this stuff. So, it’s you and me against the world.”

David’s commitment to Tamela, “Just gave me confidence that he would take care of me,” Tamela said. “I didn’t have to worry about being in the middle. It was us and then everybody else.”

As for the “Us Against the World” CD, you can expect a release of inspirational songs with an R&B twist. Tamela, who has several hit gospel songs and who is the winner of several gospel music awards, admits that the project’s R&B spin took her for a loop.

“It was challenging for me because in gospel you sing a lot harder and with R&B you don’t have to sing as hard,” Tamela said. “And then the sounds are different. The words were coming together too fast. I was stepping into a whole different realm. I got more comfortable after listening to demos. It was easier to sing without the music after I got the structure of the songs down.”

With the vocals in check, Tamela and David put together a CD with themes that go beyond family life. They also tackle social themes such as weight discrimination.

“Growing up, I really didn’t have boyfriends,” Tamela lamented. “You had some people, who wanted to see you, but they only wanted to see you in the dark. I call it in the shadows. They didn’t want to bring me out to the skating rink or to the movies.”

Weight did not stop Tamela from catching her man. She met David in high school while singing in a local group and after about a year love bloomed.

“We were doing that secret lover stuff,” Tamela laughingly revealed. “We were the oldest and messing around and no one knew it. We weren’t sure because we were both talking to other people.”

Jumping in the conversation, David added, “We were really good friends and as time passed we got to know each other. You really grow.”

Well, many of the young men who treated Tamela badly, are kicking themselves now. Not only does she have the talented David by her side, but a singing and acting career that are both fire.

The “Us Against the World – Mann Family Tour” continues throughout the month of November in different cities across the nation. Purchase tickets here.

Both the album and book are available now.

23 thoughts on “David And Tamela Mann Reveal What Almost Broke Up Their Marriage

  1. The Mann’s were married on June 9, 1988

    David’s daughters Porcia and Tiffany, from previous relationships
    Tiffany Mann – October 12, 1987
    La’Porshia Mann – July 26, 1987

    Their children together,
    David Mann Jr – November 7, 1988
    La’Tia Mann – May 25, 1990

    • Debra Grisby on said:

      May God be the Glory up on this couple the Devil tearing down strongholds but he have no Authority to do so through God almighty God bless David and Tamela keep hope alive in marriages

  2. May God continue to bless you and keep you both stay.ye without sin cast the first stone.Just because you stayed God wull continue to bless you and keep you God honors marriage

  3. I think some of the commenters have misunderstood what went on. I don’t think he cheated while they were together. Apparently he used to be loose and sleep with women without protection, so when they got together, he had one oops baby from before that he didn’t know about brought to him, then another that was a full on child/toddler by the time the mother made David know that he was that one’s father. Still a tough situation for Tamla and definitely requires forgiveness, but I’m assuming he was loyal within the marriage

    • I went back and read it because I thought…hummm…maybe I am wrong and misjudged this…BUT, no it CLEARLY say second baby came along five years into the marriage…

      • Looks like it may have meant 5 yrs into the relationship as both were born before they got married.

  4. Rebecca White on said:


  5. One child is one too many outside the marriage. two is sure not excusable. I love David and Tamela Mann but it’s no excuse for him to be out there having one child, less more two.I love her songs and I sing them all. She’s such a sweet and Chrisstan woman. My hats off to her. She’s better than me because I would be gone. God bless them and their marriage tho.hang on in their. You are a power couple to me.

    • That you though she not you and further more it called love and thinking about better or worse. I understand what you saying a lot of people fail to realize that things happen but if you willing to fight then do that. Love endures all.

    • Maybe I am reading it wrong but I think the children were there before they got married, she knew about one and they were married about 5 years the other child’s mom contacted them and informed them about his daughter. It should have been worded better.

  6. African American Woman on said:

    This “marriage” would have been done when that first baby came to the house. That is the ultimate disrespect. Not only did you cheat on me; you obviously didn’t protect yourself or me and you have NO regard for me or the vows we took. I’ll forgive you after that divorce decree arrives in the mail.

  7. Everyone seems to be forgetting about forgiveness. Yes the bible speaks about adultery but Obviously Tamela eventually forgave David. GOD can work anything out if we let him. It is the wounded spouse choice to forgive.

    • Paula Nubine on said:

      Very well said! The wounded spose has every right to either stay or go and that’s Bible! Tamela made the conscious chose to walk out her vows to David… “For better or for worse” this being the ultimate worse! And to extend the grace, of forgiveness, God extends to all who accept it. I applaud her for this, and applaud David for his truly repentant heart and his realization that his bride must come first! He’s living in the “favor” promised to “He who finds a wife…” May God continue to richly bless this “covenant” bound couple!!!!

  8. Everyone seems to be forgetting about forgiveness. Yes the bible speaks about adultery, but obviously Tamela eventually forgave David. GOD can work anything out if we let him. It is the wounded spouse choice to forgive.

    • I understand completely about forgiveness..the Bible speaks to it and to adultery. But, my point is about the second child…see, to forgive once and try to move on is understandable…BUT, for him to step out the second time begins to speak to who you are as a women…forgiveness doesn’t equal being a fool.

  9. Anita-Rae Cuspard Cox on said:

    I know what its like to have your husvand cheat on you. I was left in the dark for nine month. I even ask him he denied it but he keft and stayed with this woman. Abd then left her and came home to me. She too was devastated and hurt she opened her heart up to him and this is what he did. I never wanted to marry because of this very reason and I took the leap I got burnt Im having a ihard time trusting. But what gives me strength is knowing Im leaving him.I gave him ten years of my life and its been a hard one with him I have no children with him so walking away makes it easy

  10. Sapphire on said:

    I am so grateful that David and Tamel yielded themselves to the Holy Spirit. I really believe that they are a”match made in heaven”

    • Louis Williams on said:

      These are supposed to be Christians and the bible speaks on adultery time and time again. Not being judgmental but what are today’s Christians if this is acceptable.

  11. So, I like this couple I always have, but I have a problem with Tamla’s statement. She will get lost, and he commented to her it “me and you against the world” …hummm…but, was it though? Cuz to have an outside child once perhaps it was misjudgement (I wont call a child a mistake)…but, a second child…is a choice. If it was you and him against the world..he had no business back out in it…I commend her for staying with him…but, at child #2 I doubt I would have. Has nothing to do with the child or their mothers, has all to with him and his choices…he already let “the world” in…

    • Pat Talley on said:

      Apparently most of you are misunderstanding what they said. They were not married when either of the babies were burned. I thank God that Tamela didn’t listen to any outside advice and prayed and stayed with her husband. Also being a Christian has nothing to do with it because sin is sin weather you are a Christian or not. Congratulations Tamela for following your heart. God bless all of you

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