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(Photo Credit:Β  PR Photos)

Tamar Braxton has given us a glimpse of her boo! The songstress and reality star shared footage of the two of them together and it seems like they’re on vacation.

In the clip, Tamar appears to be filming her man, as he walks out of the water, shirtless in swim trunks, showing off his toned physique. Tamar captioned the video, “said I wasn’t gone tell nobody but I…?”


(Screen shot from Tamar’s video)

Tamar shared other videos from her vacay, without her mystery man.


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Work on a Sunday fundayπŸ”₯

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Tamar still hasn’t shared his name but she did share that he’s Nigerian and a Harvard Business School grad.

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5 thoughts on “Tamar Reveals Her Boyfriend On Vacation [Photos Inside]

  1. Sunshine on said:

    Everyone always comments on other folks relationships
    Meanwhile theirs arent all it is cracked up to be. You
    Negative folks kill me. I feel sorry for you. Just wish
    Folks happy blessings and take care of your own unkempt houses. I am all aboit Love. Let this woman be happy.

  2. Wow..Tamar really knows how to pick those guys don’t she * sarcasm*

    Initially,I thought that Tamar was the most confident of the Braxton sister but I see it’s the reverse. What is she trying to prove? That she is so powerful that she can make any skeptical Black man change their minds about Black women? Ugh!

    If there is any advice that I would give to Tamar is to let this guy alone. He said that he has never dated Black women and with Tamar coming from a famous family,She’s at risk at getting hurt and used again. What if they get mad and spurt out an anti-Black woman comment to her?

    Tamar isn’t some magical woman who are hypnotizing these men to come Black women’s way. Vince and T’Challa smelled a vulnerable Black woman that they can disappoint.Her situation remind me of being an abused woman. They swear that they can change their abusers but I’m actuality,the women get hurt over and over. This is Tamar’ s situation.

    Dag gone it…and just to thinj5,I thought that she hit the jack pot.

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