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We all know many Trump supporters like Candace Owens and Omarosa Managult Newman are or were just in it for the money. It’s clear they were insincere con artists so one young woman decided to follow their lead and get some coins in her pocket.

A woman with the Twitter handle @chckpeas wrote, “I will not hide any longer,, the left has made us feel as if us black republicans should hide!! but not anymore!! .” She even posted a photo of herself in a Make America Great Again hat. See below:

After getting over 8,000 retweets and nearly 2,000 comments she also wrote, “thank you all so much for your overwhelming support. After seeing this tweet my parents cut me off and refuse to pay my university tuition. So if you can find it in your hearts to help this young, Black republican pay for school it would be appreciated.”

She also posted a series of text messages that were allegedly from her Trump hating mama:

Of course, Trump supporters fell for this stunt. She started a GoFundMePage, which is now removed, and reportedly raised $150,000, according to reporter Alex Bruce-Smith, who wrote, “The GoFundMe has been taken down but there was a tweet suggesting she’d scammed about $150k.”

The fake Trump supporter’s response? She wrote on Twitter, “Hot take: stealing from republicans isn’t bad because republicans arent ppl.”

How desperate are Republicans to fall for a fake stunt like this? It’s hard to feel any sympathy for them.

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6 thoughts on “Republicans Reportedly Gave A Black Woman $150,000 After She Faked Being A Trump Supporter

  1. This article just makes her like a con-artist piece of garbage for ripping people off that were trying to help her… no one thinks this is okay except criminals… Also, your headline is misleading…

  2. Yeah MACDICKEY also puts his FOOT UP HIS MAC-ASS and it always fits.Congrats to the the YOUNG DEM thats the way to Rip them republicans MF off IN the POCKET.ChaChing.

      • What exactly are you proud of? According to the CDC (2015), the number one cause of death for black men ages 14-35 is homicide. No other race/gender group shares that statistic. Black people are 13% of population (US Census) and commit 53% of ALL homicides (FBI, 2017). 95% of the time, victim is also black. So I ask you again, what are you proud of?

      • Also, 70% of black children are born out of wedlock, thanks to the Democrats making government their baby daddy. Democrats incentivized broken families, which destroyed black families and in turn, black communities. Republicans don’t give a shit that you’re black. I think it speaks VOLUMES that Republicans gave that girl $150,000. It shows that Republicans don’t care about race and are generous to those in need, even when sometimes they get ripped off by garbage like her.

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